Saturday, April 19, marks the seventh annual Record Store Day, a yearly celebration that takes place the third Saturday of April and packs independent record stores across the nation—and now, the world—full of exclusive releases and hungry customers. Sure, RSD has its problems—telling shops when they can open their doors and threatening to blackball record stores who don’t play ball; allowing major labels to run roughshod on what was once a celebration of not only indie stores but indie labels; willingly watching list prices rise higher and higher without doing anything to try and curb the issue—but at the end of the day, it’s about the music, and RSD continues to deliver that in spades. Here are 15 of the editorial staff’s picks for this Saturday, from the incredibly popular to the wildly influential to the willfully obscure. Of course, this is nowhere near the full list of RSD special titles; download that, mark yours accordingly and happy hunting!

[SH] Scott Heisel

[BM] Brittany Moseley

[JP] Jason Pettigrew



Burner 12-inch

LIMITED TO: 500 copies

ON: Merge Records


Ever wonder how the term “math rock” was coined to described music with plenty of complex chords, jarring tempos/beats and other forms of short, sharp shocks? I’m going to guess it was after someone had to review Burner, the 1994 EP from Breadwinner, the angular trio formed by guitarist Pen Rollings. Twenty years later, the trio’s crunch remains positively enthralling in a world whose ears are used to the sounds of the Dillinger Escape Plan, Battles and Animals As Leaders. [JP]



8LP box set

LIMITED TO: 900 copies

ON: Upbeat Records


This is the absolute must-buy of this year’s RSD, in this humble editor’s opinion. Cake have never released a bad album, but sadly, they have almost never released any of their albums on vinyl before, and the ones they have sell for exorbitant amounts on eBay—so this box set will hopefully alleviate that problem. Hitting vinyl for the first time are such classics as Comfort Eagle and Prolonging The Magic, as well as a live album recorded in 2003 but unreleased until now. We repeat: Must buy. [SH]



Recover 12-inch

LIMITED TO: 2,500 copies

ON: Glassnote Records


Scottish electronic act Chvrches are a favorite in the AP office, and with good reason: Their debut album The Bones Of What You Believe is synth-pop/electronic gold all topped with frontwoman Lauren Mayberry’s breezy vocals. Although Recover isn’t a new EP (it came out last year, just six months before Bones), it does include two songs that most fans (myself included) probably aren’t familiar with, “ZVVL” and “Now Is Not the Time.” [BM]



Split 7-inch

LIMITED TO: 2,500 copies

ON: Self-released


New music from Circa Survive is always welcomed in the AP bungalow, but the promise of the first new Sunny Day Real Estate song in nearly 15 years , “Lipton Witch,” has us practically salivating—and cursing the booking-agent gods who didn’t route SDRE’s reunion tour through Cleveland. [SH]



Live 2012 2xLP

LIMITED TO: [pressing information unavailable]

ON: Barsuk Records


Until Death Cab For Cutie get in the studio and release a follow-up to 2011’s Codes And Keys, I’ll have to pass the time with this double LP documenting their 2012 tour with Magik*Magik Orchestra. With fan favorites like “Different Names For The Same Thing,” “Transatlanticism” and “I Will Follow You Into The Dark,” plus older cuts like “Little Fury Bugs,” “Bend To Squares” and “No Joy In Muddville,” this might be just the thing to hold me over until their next album. Visit Death Cab’s Facebook page for the complete tracklisting. [BM]



Fishbone 12-inch

LIMITED TO: 1,000 copies

ON: Asbestos Records


It’s really hard to believe that Fishbone’s original serving of tasty aural ska, funk, R&B and wild-hair-up-the-ass punk bouillabaisse is 29 years old. Their self-titled mini-LP is back again, remastered and repressed on red vinyl so you can hear how tracks like “Modern Industry,” “Ugly” and “V.T.T.L.O.T.F.D.G.F.” (aka “Voyage To The Land Of The Freeze-Dried Godzilla Farts”) certainly expanded minds, if not necessarily blowing them outright. Sonically frantic, politically bracing and cool-as-feck, Fishbone’s contribution to the underground is immeasurable. [JP]



Demolicious CD/2xLP/cassette

LIMITED TO: 2,400 copies on vinyl

ON: Reprise

SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: $18.98/$31.98/$11.98

Given that we just passed Dookie’s 20th anniversary, it’s a bit surprising that Green Day’s contribution to RSD is not some elaborate deluxe edition of one of the most important albums in rock history, but instead an 18-song collection of demos from 2012’s ¡Uno!/¡Dos!/ ¡Tre! trilogy. Included are demo versions of 16 tracks from that series of albums as well as an acoustic version of “Stay The Night” and a previously unreleased demo, “State Of Shock.” We were privileged enough to get an advance of this, and honestly, it sounds pretty much like lo-fi versions of Green Day songs—there’s very little difference between these tracks and the finished product, outside of recording quality and a few small lyrical tweaks. Still, there’s something endearing about knowing that one of the biggest rock bands in the world still takes the time to demo songs. [SH]