According to a report from NBC Chicago, 16 attendees were hospitalized during Skrillex's concert this past Saturday evening at Navy Pier in Chicago. An EMS source confirmed that many of those that were hospitalized had reportedly overdosed on drugs and were also underage, therefore they were transported to local children's hospitals. 

The promoter of the show spoke to NBC Chicago on the situation saying, "We’re very strict at the doors so that people don’t bring bad things in. I personally think that the more that word gets out there, the better."

EDM show culture has been under fire as of late due to various incidents across the globe. Earlier this year a security guard was trampled and left in critical condition, and over 80 attendees were arrested at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Additionally, nearly 40 people were hospitalized following an Avicii concert in Boston near the end of June. 

This is the anti-Molly video EDM festival attendees are required to watch:

What are your thoughts on EDM show culture? Do you think additional precautions need to be taken in order to curate a safer environment for concert attendees? Leave us a comment with your thoughts below.