[Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons]

We couldn't possibly put together a complete list of bands who are against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, since most—if not all—of our scene seems to be against him. Still, our favorite musicians have made some pretty great statements opposing his bid for the White House. Here are just a few highlights from the scene's anti-Trump movement:

Tom Morello, Rage Against The Machine

Morello is pretty intensely against the candidate, and will respond with political facts toward people who want to learn more. Plus, this year he put together Prophets Of Rage, which could be called an anti-GOP band in its origin.


Chuck Comeau, Simple Plan

Comeau provided some commentary on one of the presidential debates in a concise tweet:


The White Stripes

So, one positive side to Donald Trump running for president is that it got the White Stripes back together. Not to make new music, but to make fun of the guy. (We’ll take what we can get.)


Nick Ghanbarian, Bayside

Nick delivered a pretty great burn on Trump’s interesting Twitter game.


AJ Rebollo, Issues

Not everyone who is against Trump is a Hillary Clinton supporter. AJ Rebollo is one such example: He’s not a fan of either candidate. But especially not a fan of Trump.


Jake Marquis, Sleep On It

Now this is just threatening.


Stephen Gomez, The Summer Set

The Summer Set have started to ask fans to not vote for Trump at shows. That’s a pretty good strategy. And Stephen is about as against Trump as you can get.


Ben Langford-Biss, As It Is

Too many Trump signs is too much for Ben.


Alex Gaskarth, All Time Low

He certainly speaks his mind.