The 1975's Matty Healy talks Trump, truth and love in an illuminating new lyrics breakdown for Genius. And among the eye-opening revelations made by the English rocker is his basis for including a particularly dastardly Donald Trump quote within the idea-packed verses of his band's "Love It If We Made It."

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Discussing the now infamous line ("I moved on her like a bitch!") that kicks off the tune's third verse, Healy expounds on the stupefying double-standard displayed in the president's recorded remarks vis-à-vis acceptable language for broadccast.

"That's a direct quote from the sitting President of the United States," he says. "And that's a weird reality. When the radio plays your songs, they don't play swear words. I would have to be censored for literally quoting the leader of the free world."

And the musician expands on this thought by examining the lyrics to "Love It If We Made It" through the lens of society's current fixation with "alternative facts." Indeed, what is there to believe if the truth can be made so malleable?

"I don't know when we got into this kind of post-truth world," wonders Healy. "I mean, the best example is Flat Earthers. There's tangible physical evidence. ... What do you do when truth comes into question?" Watch the full video below:

Healy on love

Elsewhere in the clip, the sharp frontman appeals for compassion and understanding among all individuals, and he lays out a straightforward but urgent vision when it comes to saving ourselves before things get too out of hand.

"We have to just really love each other," urges the 1975 singer. "And if you don't, just try. It's on a mechanistic, you don't wanna die in a fire, right? You have to be nice, then. Like, you have to be. Otherwise, we're fucked."

“Love It If We Made It” was released amid the 1975’s recent flurry of singles including "Give Yourself A Try," "TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME," "Sincerity Is Scary" and "It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)." All tunes point to the band’s upcoming third studio album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, out Nov. 30.

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