For many music fans stuck in the U.S. or elsewhere during the Reading & Leeds Festivals, this weekend can be a difficult time. Not everyone can be in England for the awe-inspiring pair of festivals.

We all have our process of dealing with it.

It usually starts with initial excitement over the lineup.

Twenty One Pilots?

Fall Out Boy?

The 1975? State Champs? Good Charlotte? AHHH

It can’t get better than this.

You start packing your bags.

And you're still in denial about how far away the fest is.

Trying to find a way to get there, you search the internet for some kind of deal on a plane ticket.

But then you realize you’re kind of broke.

So you start getting imaginative…

Could there be a way?

Could there?

But the reality hits you. The festival is already happening.

You see all the scenes of people partying.

Major FOMO sets in while you imagine the fun you could be having.

But then you realize, it isn’t all bad.

Because it’s just one weekend.

You won’t have to deal with drunk concertgoers, port-a-potties, or smelly people who haven’t showered.

And there’s always next year.