The Punk Goes catalog has been turning pop hits into scene dreams for countless albums. With the series teasing something tomorrow, we thought we’d save them some time and make our own lineup of Punk Goes Pop covers that we would want to see on an upcoming album.

UPDATE: Punk Goes has since revealed the next installment will be Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 3, but we still stand by the fact these should happen.

Here are our picks for an ideal Punk Goes album.

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1. Ariana Grande – “thank u, next” covered by Emarosa

While it obviously isn’t an emo track, the subject matter for Grande’s smash-hit “thank u, next” could look great in an emo light. At the same time, Emarosa could easily turn it into a hard-hitting track, but either way, we’re tuned in for this potential reimagining.

2. Panic! At The Disco – “High Hopes” covered by In This Moment

With Paramore and twenty one pilots previously getting reworks of their own, Panic! At The Disco are a strong bet to be the latest mainstream scene act on the other side of a cover. It’s not easy to replicate Brendon Urie’s one-of-a-kind voice, but In This Moment just might have the range to make this one work. 

3. Taylor Swift – “You Need To Calm Down” covered by Trash Boat

Taylor Swift’s recent release during Pride Month may have ruffled some feathers in regards to her extremely evident support of the LGBTQ+ community. However, that didn’t stop us from falling in love with this pride-filled celebration of embracing your inner self despite society’s perception. Trash Boat frontman Tobi Duncan admitted that he’s “never written a song about his sexuality,” but as an individual who identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community and an advocate for those who remain true to themselves despite “adversity, prejudice or hate,” the group would without a doubt bring a heavy “fuck you” to T-Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down.” 

4. Post Malone – “Wow.” covered by A Day To Remember

With ADTR rubbing elbows with EDM icon Marshmello a few weeks back, it’s only fitting that they would cover pop powerhouse (and former metalcore kid) Post Malone’s latest hit, “Wow.” Adding an instrumental flair to the already stellar beat would be an intriguing challenge, one that ADTR would surely be up to. 

5. Lil Nas X – “Old Town Road” covered by 3OH!3

“Old Town Road” may be one of the biggest pop culture phenomena of all time, bringing country and rap together for a ludicrous viral blowup. So why not add another genre to it? 3OH!3 would bring the best of electronic emo to give this track a proper remix. 

6. Halsey – “Nightmare” covered by Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon are no stranger to pop covers, and there’s no doubt Halsey would be down to be added to the list. Applying some amo style to the empowering radio hit, you might have an instant classic on your hands. 

7. Lizzo – “Juice” covered by the 1975

Lizzo’s jazzy workout hit “Juice” would be perfectly serviced by the smooth voice of Matty Healy. While the band have dabbled in funk, a full-blown jam set to the infectiously catchy “Juice” beat might make for a radio hit in and of itself. 

8. Jonas Brothers – “Sucker” covered by Frank Iero And The Future Violents

Maybe the Jonas Brothers were “allegedly” sharing studio space with My Chemical Romance simply for a Frank Iero cover. While we’ll just add that to the ever-growing list of conspiracy theories, there’s no denying that Iero would kill this track, giving his own edge of gritty-yet-smooth flair to the pop jam. 

9. Travis Scott, Drake – “SICKO MODE” covered by Simple Creatures

Simple Creatures don’t have the most extensive discography yet, so why not add a cover to the mix? The superduo’s use of electronic influences would make this cover more realistic than you think. The only question that remains is who Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth would take over for between Drake and Travis Scott

10. Cardi B – “Bodak Yellow” covered by Boston Manor

The guys from Boston Manor proved their versatility on the last Punk Goes effort, and we think they’re one of the few who could handle Cardi B’s rap beatdown in “Bodak Yellow.” While it might waste the melodic talents of Henry Cox, we just want to hear a Boston Manor breakdown set to the “Bodak” beat. 

11. Miley Cyrus – “Mother’s Daughter” covered by Nine Inch Nails

Miley Cyrus gave her own take on a Nine Inch Nails classic under the guise of Ashley O. on Black Mirror, so it might be time for Trent Reznor to return the favor. While it’s still beyond us how Reznor would put his gritty NIN twist on the upbeat pop song, his unmatched compositional talent assures that it would be an instant classic. 

12. Billie Eilish – “bad guy” covered by FEVER 333

We’ve been wanting a metal cover of Billie Eilish’s banger since we heard the first “Duh,” and who better to bring it into the rock world than FEVER 333? With a rap collab already under their belt, FEVER would unquestionably concoct a stellar breakdown to match Eilish’s viral hit. 

13. Khalid – “Talk” covered by Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade are the only band who’ve been hinted on the latest Punk Goes record, and we think handing them a Khalid hit would be an excellent addition to the lineup. Adding a pop-punk twist to the smooth grooves of Khalid would be an out-of-the-box transition, but the band have impressed in that regard many times before. 

14. Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber – “I Don’t Care” covered by Ash Costello, Chris Motionless

Why not repurpose this party jam for Halloween? If you’re looking to make a darker spin on the Bieber/Sheeran duet, you can’t go wrong by reuniting Chris Motionless and Ash Costello. The subject matter might be a little different than what they’re used to, but their vocal ranges can certainly handle it. 

15. Ava Max – “Sweet But Psycho” covered by Sleeping With Sirens

Sleeping With Sirens made a heavy statement with their latest single, “Leave It All Behind,” and we can only hope that a “Sweet But Psycho” cover would bring the same energy. The band are no stranger to Punk Goes covers, and Kellin Quinn can hit any note you ask, making this cover destined for success.

16. Katy Perry – “Never Really Over” covered by Issues

Tyler Carter might have one of the best voices in metalcore, so going toe-to-toe with Katy Perry shouldn’t be too much trouble. Adding the in-depth technicality of Issues to a breezy Perry track like this would be intriguing, to say the least. Not to mention Carter previously matched Hayley Williams’ vocals in a previous Punk Goes edition, proving his ability to reach those high notes. 

17. Migos – “T-Shirt” covered by Neck Deep

A band covering Migos need to have the right demeanor, and who better to match the trio’s swag than Neck Deep? The lyrics are a little choppier than your average pop-punk track, but hearing Ben Barlow take on Migos bars is an experiment that has to happen. 

18. BTS – “Boy With Luv” covered by Waterparks

One of the easiest comparisons on this list, there’s no doubt Awsten Knight could be a BTS step-in any day. We might as well take it a step further, though, and have Waterparks cover one of the K-pop darling’s international hits. After all, they are God’s favorite boy band. The only stipulation: The band have to recreate the music video. 

19. Tyler, The Creator – “EARFQUAKE” covered by Underoath

“EARFQUAKE” betrays its title by being a laid-back track, but Underoath can create a version more fitting to the name. Replace Tyler’s high-pitched chorus with a deafening Underoath breakdown and it’ll be the metal song of the year. On the other hand, Aaron Gillespie could easily handle the high notes. Either way, we’re sold. 

20. Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – “Shallow” covered by Grayscale ft. Bonnie Fraser (Stand Atlantic)

If you’re going to make a pop-punk cover, you might as well go all the way. Replacing Cooper with Grayscale and Gaga with Fraser ensures that this is a true Punk Goes entry through and through. We might ask for an uptempo take on the Oscar-nominated track, but we trust that a slow version would rock just as hard.