From the mid-2000s to present day, scene trends have come and gone. Some, such as piercings, tattoos, skinny jeans and beanies, have proven to be timeless classics. 

Other trends, however, have been given new life, such as transferring the love of Invader Zim to the Adult Swim hit animation Rick & Morty. Regardless, certain styles existed in the past and may stay there for a while. 

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Here are 10 trends 2020 emo kids aren’t as into as the scene kids from the 2000s, as well as the style choices they’re keeping alive and pushing forward. 

1. Saying “Rawr”

Saying “rawr” instead of “I love you” was definitely a thing of the past, and let’s hope it stays there. The expression of love today has evolved into sharing memes and repeating the popular Vine, “I love you, bitch. I ain’t never gone stop loving you, bitch.” Though, however you decide to express love is a beautiful thing! 

2. Wearing tall, poofy hair with the zebra stripe extensions

The 2000s was a time where hair was tall and extensions were long. Playing with hair color has never gone out of style, thankfully. With new products such as Manic Panic and Good Dye Young, people can experiment with semi-permanent colors or hair makeup at home. Some products don’t even require hair lightening or bleaching. You can still be expressive with your hair without teasing it toward the sun.

3. Pulling off fingerless fishnet gloves

These were quite the fashion statement back in the day. Now, the aesthetic doesn’t match the style many scene kids don today. Fishnets still do have a place in today’s trends. Textured tights pair well with distressed jeans and Vans, Dr. Martens or Converse. However, it’s still important to hold on to those gloves for retro Halloween costumes. 

4. Using Myspace

Poor Tom from Myspace. His platform was bulldozed by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Ironically enough, Myspace had an active Twitter account up until 2017. Regardless of which social media platform we use now, may we all never forget our roots where we shared our most-played songs and heard some of our favorite alternative acts for the first time. 

5. Recording your favorite song as a ringtone for your sliding phone

Whether it was Cute Is What We Aim For, We The Kings or other staples of the mid-2000s, you were trying your best to record the audio to your favorite music videos for a good free ringtone. In retrospect, no recording ever came out quite right. Now, we can buy ringtones but opt to turn our iPhones on silent most days. Ringtones feel like a thing of the past, too. 

6. Taking pictures from up above

You all know that angle you posed in. You stared up and looked at your digital camera with a nice emo pout. That was all good and well in the 2000s. Now, we’re all on the pursuit to take that perfect mirror selfie. It’s not always easy, but any angle is better than, well, this one.

7. Writing on Converse

It used to be a great idea to write your favorite lyrics with pens and Sharpies on Converse. Don’t worry: Scene kids are still destroying their shoes. Now, they’re using paint to illustrate images from their favorite albums and music videos. Embroidery has also become a trend for cloth shoes and denim jackets. 

8. Wearing necklaces with Monster tabs

At the height of its popularity, wearing a chain full of Monster Energy tabs felt like you were carrying a tiny trophy around your neck all day. Today, wearing a chain like that just reminds onlookers that you have a caffeine addiction and should probably drink water. A trend that has emerged lately is chain necklaces featuring a small padlock, such as the one YUNGBLUD can be seen wearing here

9. Wearing bracelets so far up the arm, they look like sleeves

We all had our fair share of thick rubber bracelets, but with time, merch has changed. Instead of rubber bracelets, many bands have started creating dainty bracelets, sometimes with a homemade look such as these twenty one pilots bracelets from Hot Topic. Additionally, bands have gotten creative by selling necklaces, rings, sunglasses, water bottles, flags and more. Also, as funny and charming as they were, “I love boobies” bracelets have gone out of style. However, the act of checking your breasts every month for lumps has not.

10. Applying thick, rounded eyeliner

Taylor Momsen of the Pretty Reckless rocked the rounded black eyeliner and eyeshadow look in the 2000s, and honestly, so did Pete Wentz. With the arrival of colorful and glittery Jeffree Star eyeshadow palettes and precise eyeliners, there’s so much more fun and glamour to be had. Many modern scene kids experiment with color and make sharp wings with their eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner can also help make cool shapes right beneath your eye. English duo Nova Twins display perfect examples of how to rock out in colorful makeup.