The 2000s were some of the best times for scene music. My Chemical Romance were leading the Black Parade, All Time Low were rocking long hair and the music videos were undoubtedly iconic. 

There are so many songs from the decade that we only have to hear a few seconds of to start belting out every word (cue every blink-182 track ever).

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While our knowledge of the lyrics is strong, those music videos might be a bit harder to remember. We’ve created a quiz to test your knowledge of some of the most iconic videos from the 2000s to see if your memory of scene history is sharp. You can take it down below.

More 2000s news

blink-182 may be hyping up their latest album NINE, but for now, we’re going to take you back to a simpler time—2001. Earlier this year, a hilarious commercial for the band’s album Take Off Your Pants And Jacket surfaced again. 

If you’re a die-hard blink fan like us, you’ll remember those days where we blasted songs such as “First Date” and “Anthem Part Two” on the way to the mall.

If you really have a good memory, you’ll remember the strange commercial the band made for the album that has recently resurfaced online.

The band presented the ad as a pharmaceutical commercial that features Mark Hoppus as a doctor and Tom DeLonge as some sort of medical expert with slicked-back hair. The commercial features the original trio with Travis Barker, which feels like another lifetime.

“When my painful stomach acts up, I turn to the one product that’s scientifically proven to work—blink-182, now with 50% better songs,” the two say about their “product,” which is actually just a CD.

In case you forgot this existed, or just never saw it, you can watch the hilarious commercial here.