The year is 2007. Cobra Starship’s “The City Is At War” plays from your Myspace page as you organize your Top 8. Your profile picture? A high-angle selfie that captures your teased Voodoo Blue hair. “I’m scene, not emo,” you insist.

The Rawring ’20s are upon us, and while we doubt Myspace will make a resurgence (Sorry, we did you dirty, Tom!), that doesn’t mean our favorite hairstyles aren’t due for a comeback. From cuts to colors to styling techniques, here are some 2000s scene hair trends we’d most like to see you wearing this decade.

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Colorful accents

Throwback to the days of leaving Hot Topic with a bag full of Manic Panic and hair extensions in every conceivable color. No matter what all-over hair color you sport, these bold accents add a unique flair that’s easily changed to reflect your dynamic style and moods. Better yet, with a seemingly endless supply of affordable dyes and accessories at your fingertips (thank you, internet), you don’t have to beg your mom for a ride to the mall to dream up your next look. For budget-friendly color, be sure to check out PRAVANA, Ion or Lunar Tides

Edgy, overgrown side bangs

Dare we call this look the staple of every scene phase? Maybe this is nostalgia speaking, but eyesight be damned. There’s just something about walking out of a mosh pit with sweat-soaked strands clinging to your forehead that’s so oddly satisfying. Plus, let’s be real: There’s something to be said for the ability to conceal neglected eyebrows without a second thought. Be sure to pair these with subtle highlights and Warped Tour weather for an optimum texturizing effect.

Flat-ironed side swoop

A variation of the side bangs listed above, there’s a reason so many of our favorite scene bands opted for this pin-straight masterpiece of a style—it’s flattering on all face shapes, undemanding of frequent trims and looks cool AF under a beanie. With that said, if you’ve got natural curls or volume, don’t expect to save any time or hairspray under high-humidity conditions lest you want to leave the venue looking like Adam Siska circa 2005. Though honestly, who wouldn’t?

Stark lowlights

While Audrey Kitching is hardly lacking for hair, her Myspace-era black lowlights are the perfect solution for anybody wanting to add dimension to their lighter looks. Unlike softer techniques, these striking strands add a significant interest factor to otherwise monochrome hair and, if you’re naturally dark-haired, help to tie in root growth between dye jobs. For an even bolder, though higher-maintenance approach, try a deep, rich color such as royal blue or emerald green.

Dramatic asymmetry

If you don’t incorporate six hairstyles into one, are you really maximizing your potential? There’s nothing quite as fun as photographing like entirely different people depending on the angle of your head. Go beyond the Pinterest-famous inverted bob—shave a side, cut blunt layers, be inconsistent with your coloring. There’s an infinite number of possibilities, all sure to paint you as daring and wonderfully unique in your personal style. If you’re hesitant to make the leap blindly, experiment with extensions to find the look that best serves you.

Chunky blond highlights

This may be one of the more controversial items on the list, given everyone’s quickness to hate on the distinct highlight trends of the early 2000s. When done well, however, these conspicuously bleached segments can liven up an otherwise flat style in a way that’s easier to maintain than subtle highlights all over. They also serve as the perfect foundation if you choose to add a pop of color later, especially if you want to use temporary dye or chalk to change your look by the day. For best results, add sparingly below your partline so root growth is seamless.

Contrasting color blocks

With current mainstream hair trends gravitating toward subtle shading and blended colors, it’s no wonder this bolder approach to coloring isn’t used nearly as much as it deserves. That’s the beautiful thing about alternative aesthetics, though. They defy mainstream trends—and what better way to do that with two colors that bring out the absolute best in one another? Be it sectionalized across your part, between layers or asymmetrically, a two-toned dye job is sure to speak to the many facets of your personality. Color combinations to consider: bubblegum blue/pink, lavender/mint, yellow/purple. 

Bleached roots over dark hair

The antithesis of some of the more low-maintenance styles listed above, this is hardly a recommended endeavor for those who like to procrastinate on touching up their roots. But for those who have a little more time to dedicate, this maximum contrast look is worth the commitment because, well, it’s stunning. While we’re partial to this mid-length style, which admittedly functions more as bleached layers than roots, a good amount of discretion can be used when deciding how far down you want to pull it. For a more colorful look, consider topping with a vivid dye a la Billie Eilish

Choppy razored layers

Perhaps best equated to “The Rachel” of scene kids, this sleek, flattering style is both effortlessly cool and versatile. Whether you choose to wear it pin-straight, effortlessly wavy, waist-length, to the shoulders, teased or paired with bangs, you’re bound to be a showstopper. What’s more? The varied layer lengths soften hard facial angles and make a prime canvas for multiple colors, whether blocked or blended. Honestly, it’s a wonder blunt cuts ever found their way in again. 

Out of control volume

All right, you can’t fault us for lusting over the more dramatic, gravity-defying styles that used to predominate our Myspace profiles. While a full-fledged mane isn’t exactly practical for casual everyday looks, there’s something to be said for a good tease when you’re feeling a bit more glamorous. The best part? It’s hardly a permanent commitment. With a comb and a can of hairspray, you could easily turn any of the styles described above into a look ripe for headbanging. 

Would you wear any of these nostalgic trends? Let us know in the comments below.