2005 albums
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QUIZ: Which 2005 album are you?

It’s hard to believe when we hear music that dropped in 2005, it’s already been out for 15 years. 

Back in those days, we were at the height of our scene phases. Spending time on Myspace and rocking all of those regrettable clothing trends were basically second nature.

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For old time’s sake, we wanted to see which 2005 album best describes you based on your personality and interests. Maybe it will inspire you to listen to a record you haven’t put on in months. Or perhaps you’ll be matched with something you’ve had in your regular rotation for at least 15 years. You can take that quiz below.

More on 2005 albums

It’s been 15 years since Fall Out Boy released From Under The Cork Tree. However, there are still a few Easter eggs fans can’t seem to agree on including a controversial one in “Dance, Dance.”

This week, the infamous whisper in the single was brought up again on Reddit and fans are more determined than ever to figure out what Pete Wentz really says.

Fall Out Boy are known for leaving an Easter egg or two lying around in their music. In fact, listeners have discovered over 15 hidden clues in their 2005 album. However, there is one particular line that fans are still divided over – what is Pete Wentz really whispering in “Dance, Dance“?

Fans have reported various different theories on what Wentz is actually whispering. The most popular happens to be “Joe Trohman is lame.” However, back in the day, Trohman told his Tumblr followers that that phrase is not in the song. This led listeners to believe that Wentz is actually saying something else.

Now, one Reddit user is determined to get to the bottom of this. Last week, u/neetman2477 posted in the Fall Out Boy thread about the whisper. As a result, they received a few different theories about what Wentz really says. Read more on it here.