Ever heard a new pop-punk song on Spotify and thought, “Wow, this is great. How could it get any better?” Only to have your mind blown by the addition of familiar guest vocals 10 seconds later? Yeah, that’s happened to us about a thousand times over the course of the last decade.

If there’s anything to indicate the survival of pop punk despite mainstream decline, it’s the general togetherness of the scene. While the 2010s brought us many new artists to stream, it also granted opportunities for some incredible collaborations between them. Read on for 10 of our favorite pop-punk collaborations to come from the 2010s.

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Tonight Alive and Mark Hoppus – “Thank You & Goodnight” 

It’s always good to see different generations of pop punk collide. This sentiment holds especially true when it involves artists as iconic as Tonight Alive and Mark Hoppus. The blink-182 singer/bassist made a killer vocal appearance alongside Jenna McDougall on the track “Thank You & Goodnight.” 

Amber Pacific and Alex Gaskarth – “When I Found You” 

Scene icons Amber Pacific brought on a number of guests for their 2014 album, The Turn. No surprise, All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth was a pretty notable addition. The vocalist hopped on to sing the intro and final verse of “When I Found You.” We won’t lie, his first “Whoa oh oh” may have stolen the show in the most pop-punk way possible.

A Loss For Words and Lynn Gunn – “Distance”

PVRIS may be largely genre-defying, but that doesn’t mean Lynn Gunn won’t hit us with some totally pop-punk vocals. Case in point: Her appearance on A Loss For Words’ 2013 song, “Distance.” Gunn contributes some seriously sharp vocals that are laced with raw emotionality. It might just be the most 2010s representative track out there.

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You Me At Six and Oli Sykes – “Bite My Tongue”

You Me At Six were one of the most iconic bands to emerge at the turn of the decade. So of course we were stoked when another scene legend appeared on their 2011 album, Sinners Never Sleep. The band steered a bit darker on this album than on previous projects, and Oli Sykes definitely perpetuated the vibe. That classic Bring Me The Horizon aggression definitely shines through in “Bite My Tongue.”

Simple Plan and Rivers Cuomo – “Can’t Keep My Hands Off You” 

There’s no doubt that Simple Plan approached their 2011 record, Get Your Heart On!, with experimentalism in mind. The album featured a number of different guest vocalists, including pop artists Natasha Bedingfield and Julian Emery. It was Weezer’s very own Rivers Cuomo, though, who injected the project with a maximum dose of classic pop-punk energy. You could tell us that “Can’t Keep My Hands Off You” was written in 2002 and we’d believe it.

Mayday Parade and Vic Fuentes – “Somebody That I Used To Know” 

Is it brazen to call this the best cover song of the decade? Whatever, that’s not going to stop us. Mayday Parade and Pierce The Veil vocalist Vic Fuentes came together perfectly on Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know.” The pop-punk-infused rendition appeared on Punk Goes Pop, Vol. 5 in 2012. We’ll just go ahead and say it was a highlight of the album.

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Silverstein and Caleb Shomo – “Burn It Down” 

If any track was going to make 20ninescene a real thing, it was this Silverstein track featuring Caleb Shomo. The band dropped their high-energy collaboration with the Beartooth vocalist that summer in anticipation of their then-forthcoming 2020 album, A Beautiful Place To Drown. The song definitely leans heavy, but there’s no mistaking the pop-punk influence behind its catchy hooks. 

Neck Deep and Laura Whiteside – “A Part Of Me” 

There’s a good reason that “A Part Of Me” has persisted as one of Neck Deep’s most iconic tracks. The 2012 song delivers that raw, emo-leaning style of pop punk that characterized our early scene days. Laura Whiteside’s clean vocals provide a beautiful contrast to Ben Barlow’s gritty voice, making for one of the more striking collaborations of the decade.

Yours Truly and Jake Wilson – “Delusional Paradise” 

Both Yours Truly and Between You & Me have taken the scene by storm in the last few years. Naturally, we were delighted when BY&M vocalist Jake Wilson appeared on Yours Truly’s 2019 EP, Afterglow. Their collaborative track, “Delusional Paradise,” exemplifies modern pop punk while simultaneously lacing in some signature 2000s Warped Tour vibes. Expect a healthy kick of nostalgia with this one.

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Simple Plan, State Champs and We The Kings – “Where I Belong” 

Did anyone else’s heart skip a beat when they saw this drop? If there was any indication that 2020 had no chance of besting 2019, it was “Where I Belong.” The eclectic, pop-punk emblematic track was a collaborative effort between scene titans Simple Plan, State Champs and We The Kings.

What are your favorite pop-punk collaborations of the 2010s? Let us know in the comments!