1. Pierce The Veil - Collide With The Sky

You say, “Such a huge change from Selfish Machines! The sound is better, the lyrics are still brutally honest, and these guys experimented on this album which I love!” - Cassie Leachman from Pataskala, OH


2. All Time Low - Don't Panic

You say, “The boys of All Time Low worked on this album unsigned and with little guidance and still managed to make a phenomenal record. It goes back to their old roots while touching in a new sound and there isn't a single track that I dislike. All in all, it's a perfect album.” - Micaela Manganello From Colchester, CT

3. Motionless In White - Infamous

You say, “MIW definitely grew up in the past two years since Creatures. It was the perfect album--it takes a couple of listens to get past the "Manson" style--obviously having Tim Skold as one of the producers lent to that--but overall it is such a well-put-together album that flows incredibly well. There is the same anger and passion on it that was on Creatures, but the songs are far more personal than they were on Creatures because they aren't about fictional monsters or the Salem witch trials. It's about life and the struggles in life.” - Ruthi Dubilo from Weston, MA


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