10 pop-punk songs you definitely had on repeat in 2015

We were going to start this piece by swearing that five years isn’t really long. Then we considered all the things that happen that take less time. The typical high school education is four years. So is securing a bachelors degree in college. Those are moments that seem to last forever, right? We’re going to be presumptuous and say that the tracks you were rocking out to mean more to you than any term paper you ever wrote. Consider that these 2015 pop-punk songs are five years old.

Of course, context is king when it comes to these look-backs. Five years ago, there was still a Warped Tour. Come to think of it, you were going to more shows back then than you certainly were this year. Some of your favorite bands have since called it a day. But we think you vividly remember yelling some of these lyrics at the top of your lungs. You were surrounded by your homies, honeys and two-for-one energy drinks. Is it all coming back to you yet?

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Our list of lasting 2015 pop-punk songs should put a smile on your face. Some of these (if not all of them) had to show up on your playlists. The track from the band that made sure the U.K. were getting a slice of the pop-punk pie. Scene stalwarts and up-and-comers delivered some greatest-hits material, most assuredly. Not to be outdone, one of America’s leaders in pop-punk delivered one of the best songs of their entire career.

Maybe we’re all crushed by extreme digital living to truly realize the passage of time. These 10 pop-punk songs are five years old. But when you think about it, the memories of these songs should last as long as paying off a student loan. It’s a bittersweet thought, sure. Just like the sentiments of some of your favorite pop-punk songs…