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10 bands who should reunite after My Chemical Romance

With My Chemical Romance reuniting on Halloween this year, we got everything we’ve been wishing for these past six years. With how great this news is, maybe we forgot about some bands who broke up and left us hanging.

Outside of MCR, several other scene favorites have reunited or announced plans this year including Rage Against The Machine, Hey Monday, We Are The In Crowd, There For Tomorrow, Fireworks, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, You, Me And Everyone We Know and more. With a new decade approaching and previously impossible probabilities coming to fruition, there is a chance (if we wish hard enough) that some of these other bands could reunite soon.

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1. Glocca Morra

Releasing a couple of EPs and an LP that was considered one of the greatest emo albums of that year, Glocca Morra, unfortunately, broke up in 2015. Just Married left fans with an insatiable taste for more material from the twinkle-punk rockers. After delivering a final seven-inch, Glocca Morra split, leaving fans to spend $40+ on a T-shirt they should have bought when the group were still together and ripping.

2. Modern Baseball

From Sports to Holy Ghost, these Pennsylvania-based basement rockers had a penchant for incredible lyrics and catchy hooks. In 2017, Brendan Lukens said he wouldn’t be joining the U.K./Europe tour with Modern Baseball, opting to focus on his mental health. Let’s just take it easy for now, and if we wake up and want to do it again, then let’s do it,” Jake Ewald told The Fader. This left fans asking questions about the state of the Philly legends. Luckily, we have side projects Steady Hands and Slaughter Beach, Dog to tide us over until a possible reunion. 

3. The Academy Is…

Back in 2011, the Academy Is… announced lineup changes and later parted ways, leaving the scene in shock. They reunited in 2015 for an intimate club show preceding their Riot Fest Chicago set celebrating 10 years of Almost Here. TAI bassist Adam Siska has previously stated that there’s an unreleased TAI album, which would be their fourth. Since 2018, however, TAI have remained entirely silent regarding future plans, leaving fans in limbo.

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4. Captain, We’re Sinking

Captain, We’re Sinking took the punk scene by storm with the release of The Future Is Cancelled in 2013. With co-frontman Bobby Barnett being the brother of the Menzingers frontman Greg Barnett, the band received a lot of attention in Pennsylvania with their debut album in 2007. After the release of 2017’s The King Of No Man, Captain, We’re Sinking announced they were no longer an active band in 2018. “A Bitter Divorce” is still playing in the hearts of all the punks who have been dumped.

5. Fugazi

Perhaps this is a bit of a stretch, but we can all really hope for something. Fugazi have been on an indefinite hiatus since 2003. With punk legends Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat) and Guy Picciotto (Rites Of Spring), Fugazi were destined for greatness since their formation in 1987. Blending reggae with punk and hardcore, Fugazi pumped out hits such as “Waiting Room” and “I’m So Tired.” We’ve been keeping them on our radar since 2003, so fingers crossed. 

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6. Metro Station

The world soon found out that Miley Cyrus wasn’t the only talented child of country star Billy Ray Cyrus when Metro Station debuted in 2006. Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso, who is also the brother of Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso, rocked the world with pop-rock hit “Shake It.” Metro Station officially broke up in 2017 after years of tension between Cyrus and Musso. 

7. Hostage Calm

This Connecticut-based punk doo-wop group announced their breakup in 2014. Hostage Calm produced two EPs, four LPs and a split with punk-rock icons Anti-Flag in their seven years together. Known for impressive harmonies and a progressive stance in their lyrics, Hostage Calm harkened back to the days of a leather jacket and a dream. Unfortunately, this breakup appears to be final as the band even canceled their remaining tour dates in 2014 and played a final show instead. 

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8. Fake Problems

Fake Problems were a South Florida punk band formed in 2005 who grew incredibly popular, even having their hit “ADT” featured in a Taco Bell commercial. Frontman Chris Farren spoke at length about the sadness and disappointment with the music the group were producing before the breakup, telling CLRVYNT, “It used to feel special, and then it stopped feeling special.” Farren has since moved on and collaborated with Jeff Rosenstock for Antarctigo Vespucci in addition to creating solo records. 

9. Jack’s Mannequin

With the massive success of Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, this dream might never happen. Jack’s Mannequin formed in 2004 by McMahon and proceeded to rock the world with hits such as “Dark Blue” and “The Mixed Tape.” While Jack’s Mannequin were essentially just a moniker for McMahon, the band never officially had a breakup. McMahon instead retired the group and began creating music under his birth name. Still, we can always hope that McMahon will play Everything In Transit front to back at some point. 

10. Box Car Racer

Aliens shall not stop us from wishing Tom DeLonge would rejoin blink-182. They also won’t stop us from wanting a second LP from DeLonge’s hit side project Box Car Racer. Peaking at No. 12 on the Billboard 200, Box Car Racer showcased a more sentimental side of DeLonge. With blink-182 splitting up, DeLonge and Mark Hoppus both pursued side interests. Hoppus’ +44 proved a bit less successful, but ultimately they reunited blink-182 with more serious lyrics and themes that resonated in their side projects to produce Untitled. DeLonge recently teased a Box Car Racer sound for new Angels & Airwaves, and we can only hope for another banger such as “There Is” to grace our ears soon.

Which band would you like to see reunite? Let us know in the comments below.