“Wait, AP. Halloween month? Isn’t Halloween just a day?” Psh! No! Halloween and punk rock go together like bloo-… milk and cookies, so we’re making a month of it with our SEVEN CIRCLES OF SCARE series, where we’ll be bringing you seven new frightful stories in the weeks leading up to October 31.

With just a week until the big day arrives, we were thinking: Why does Christmas get all the fun? The very best gifts are out this time of the year, after all. So, we haunted the interwebs for a selection of 20 creepy, inexpensive gifts for you and your Halloween-loving friends to exchange this season.

BONUS: We’re giving away a bundle from Motionless In White’s Halloween merch collection to one commenter. Tell us your favorite MIW song in the comments to enter!

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LOVEsick Cat Garter Tights ($9)

LOVEsick Cat Garter Tights

Recently, I traipsed around the city with a friend wearing these exact tights. We couldn’t go anywhere without someone gasping, “Oh my goodness! Are those cat tights?” Cute, eye-catching and perfect for Halloween!

Red And Olive Green Striped Sweater ($18)

Freddy Krueger Sweater

“One, Two, Freddy’s coming for you…”

Crown The Empire Limited Edition Pumpkin Skull Tee ($20)

Crown The Empire Pumpkin Skull T-shirt

Of the few artists who are releasing limited Halloween merch, Crown The Empire’s pumpkin T-shirt might be the most adorable..

AP Athletic Tee ($20)

AP Athletic Shirt

Okay, so it may not be exactly Halloween-related, but guys, we have new merch!

Blackcraft Goth Brooks T-Shirt ($24)

“The thunder rolls/And the lightnin’ strikes/Another love grows cold/On a sleepless night…” Who knew this country singer had such a DVRK soul?

Hot Topic Black Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Hoodie ($33)

Skeleton Hoodie Hot Topic

Whether you’re a skeleton-lover, need an easy costume or are simply a member of twenty one pilots’ skeleton clique, this hoodie will suit your fancy.

Glamour Kills X New Found Glory Tee + Digital Album Download ($35)

New Found Glory, Glamour Kills collaboration

New Found Glory go dark on their collaboration with Glamour Kills. Purchases of the shirt can be bundled with digital downloads or vinyl of NFG’s new album Resurrection.

Kigurumi Skeleton Costume ($60)

Kigurumi Skeleton Costume

Friends who own these funny Japanese pajamas all sing praises of how comfortable they are. Also available on the Kigurumi website: black cat, bat, Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, mummies and more.



Wonderland LA “Viva Vampira!” Exhibition Poster ($10)

The official 24"x36" exhibition poster for Kat Von D’s Wonderland LA art exhibition honoring 1950s actress Vampira.

Freaky Friday Curtains ($15)

Freaky Friday Curtains

Are you a fan of haunted houses? Do you want your own home to look more like one? Here you go.

Bat Throw Blanket Red ($20)

BAt Throw Blanket

Soft, cozy, blood red and covered in creatures of the night.

Too Fast “Tattooed Monster” and “Bride” Shower Curtains ($21)

Frankenstein's Monster and Bride shower curtains

Impress (or weird out) your guest with the oversized attitudinal countenances of these delinquent monsters.

Misfits Horror Business Pillow ($24)

Misfit -

“Psycho ‘78!”



Funko Pop! Vinyl figures ($9)

Funko Pop! Halloween

If you have a favorite horror character, chances are they have a Funko Pop! Movies figure. Hot Topic’s online selection includes Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Billy The Puppet and more.

Gerard Way Haunted iPhone 5 Case ($10)

Gerard Way Haunted iPhone case

Remember when Gerard Way’s phone was haunted? This phone case is one of the limited edition items featured in the “???” section of Way’s webstore, so grab it while it lasts.

Torture Couture Ouija Planchette Earrings ($18)

Ouija Plachette Earrings - Torture Couture

If your ears are burning when you wear these, it might mean a little more than gossip is stirring around you.

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty 8” Plush: Skeletrino ($25)

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty

The internet loves cats, Halloween loves skeletons. Here’s the crossover, and you can hug it! Bonus!

Harry Potter Collectible Wand ($26)

Harry Potter Wand

“It’s leviosa, not leviosa!”

The Art Of Gothic by Natasha Scharf ($35)

The Art Of Gothic Book

This book features a retrospective look at goth culture through the lens of fashion, art and music, while also paying respect to today’s artists with nods to everyone from Bauhaus and Sex Gang Children to AFI, My Chemical Romance and the newest generation, Motionless In White and Fearless Vampire Killers.



Motionless In White Halloween merch collection ($10-$35)

Motionless In White merch

Comment with your favorite Motionless In White song and why you love it to be entered to win the pictured items!