There are two extremes of people when it comes to Valentine’s Day: those who want to vomit pink and red hearts over everything for the entire month of February and those who want to take those pink and red hearts and run them through a meat grinder. No matter where you fall on the spectrum this Friday, everyone loves to receive (and hopefully give) gifts. We put together a gift guide that has something for all your Valentines, whether it be your significant other or your BFF. Some of these gifts are so cool, you might be tempted to buy them for yourself—which we fully support.


Urban Outfitters Valentine’s Day trunk ($12)

Urban Outfitters Valentine's Day trunk


Urban Outfitters Kelly Kapowski tee ($24)

Urban Outfitters, Kelly Kapowski tee

Glamour Kills AWG snapback ($29.99)

Glamour Kills, AWG Snapback


Vans Liberty Era ($65)

Vans Liberty Era shoe


Volcom Hybrid wallet ($25)

Volcom Hybrid Wallet