408 have released a brand-new video for their single “Mark Hoppus,” and Alternative Press is bringing you the first listen. A tribute to beloved blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus, the track also honors his artistic legacy in a more… intimate way.

The band's visual parodies the classic video for “What’s My Age Again?” as members of 408 go running around town wearing nothing but their senses of humor. On the project, they teamed up with Joshua Roberts from Magnolia Park and Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens.

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As in the original blink video, “Mark Hoppus” shows the band out and about in their birthday suits making mayhem. Along the way, they also encounter a nurse — albeit, one who looks a tad different from the original. Rounding it out, the trio steal a drink from a person in a hot dog suit and generally antagonize people on the streets.

The video introduces new elements, including performances from the collaborators. Additionally, it leads off with a sleepover scene (pillow fight and all) that shows the band's love of blink as they watch the “All The Small Things” video together.

Lyrically, 408’s song pays homage to Hoppus. Bassist and vocalist Mark Faroudi spoke about their vision for the track.

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This song was an ode to the G.O.A.T.,” Faroudi says. “We wanted to exemplify a song that paid homage to Mark Hoppus, as he has always been one of our biggest influences. I discovered blink-182 when I was young, and that just got me hooked and has really become my life mantra. We wanted to do a genre mashup on this one, so we mashed together Juice WRLD style trap and current pop punk with the help of Joshua Roberts and Kellin Quinn to create something unique.”

Roberts and Quinn also weighed in on the collaboration.

Mark taught me to fight even when the odds were against me,” Roberts says. “So excited to be a part of this track with 408 and Kellin!”

Quinn adds, “408, Magnolia Park and Kellin Quinn! You know it’s a smash! Honored to be a part of this track.”

408 aim to preserve the spirit of late ‘90s and early 2000s pop punk while also bringing in elements from EDM, hip-hop and electronica. “Mark Hoppus” is the band’s first single under their new deal with Regime Music Group/BreakSilence Recordings. The track comes ahead of the band's debut album, Out Of It, recorded with Andrew Wade and Andy Karpovck.

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“Mark Hoppus” shows off the way the band synthesize their influences, bringing the energy of pop punk into a musical soundscape influenced by the development of emo rap and other contemporary styles.

By showing love to one of the godfathers of pop punk in spectacular style, the band also reveal their willingness let it all out for the scene.

Check out 408’s video for “Mark Hoppus” below!