5 seconds of summer
[Photo by Douglas Sonders]

Every 5 Seconds of Summer album ranked: from worst to best

5 Seconds of Summer, originally hailing from Sydney, Australia, have dominated charts and fans’ hearts since 2011. Luke Hemmings (vocals/rhythm guitar), Calum Hood (vocals/bass), Michael Clifford (vocals/lead guitar), and Ashton Irwin (drummer/vocals) were just teenagers when they were invited to open One Direction’s world tour in 2013, which instantly shot them into superstardom in the blink of an eye.

Like their former tourmates, they, too, started out as a boyband, creating pop-rock as teenagers. Early on, they played radio-friendly music tinged with Warp Tour pop-punk — but were nearly so burnt out by the overnight success in their young lives that they almost called it quits in 2016. But after a brief hiatus in which toxic relationships in their lives ended and emotional maturity began, they came back together with even more understanding of what it means to be a musician. It’s as if 5SOS had a renewed sense of purpose as a band, turning inward and focusing even more so on their own creative vision with the music they make. 

Since their reawakening when they came back with Youngblood in 2018, their artistry has changed and their music has developed into more than just what’s radio-friendly and will get them on the charts. Nowadays, they’re alt-rock staples, and their legion of devoted fans from their early days are still along for the ride. As they’re in the midst of their career, with five records to their name, we ranked the band’s entire discography. 

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