Most classical music comes from the great classical composers—but it doesn't have to be that way. Many classical performers take inspiration from plenty of sources, including plenty of modern punk, rock and alternative bands.

We found seven great classical tributes to modern rock songs. Whether you're studying, relaxing or just want calmer, lyric-less background music, these covers prove that classical music can be just as badass as any other genre.


2Cellos: "Hysteria" (Muse)


Cellofourte: "Monster" (Skillet)


The Scorched Earth Orchestra: "The Shape" (Slipknot)


Piano Tribute Players: "Tear In My Heart" (Twenty One Pilots)


Vitamin String Quartet: "What's My Age Again?" (Blink-182)


Vitamin Piano Series: "About A Girl" (Nirvana)


Apocalyptica: "Master Of Puppets" (Metallica)