If you haven't already heard, Hayley Williams of Paramore and celebrity hairstylist Brian J. O'Connor have teamed up to create goodDYEyoung, a cruelty-free line of hair dye designed to be totally customizable.

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In an episode of KISS OFF!, we went behind the scenes of a goodDYEyoung photoshoot to see some of the products in action. As if we weren't already "dyeing" to try some of these colors out, they look even more incredible on camera! Here's a few of our favorite looks from the video.

1. Ex-Girl

goodDYEyoung currently offers five colors. One of them is the bright and bold Ex-Girl, whose name was inspired by No Doubt's "Ex-Girlfriend." Gwen Stefani sports pink hair in the music video!

2. Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin is one of the five color offerings, but ANY of the colors can be customized by mixing colors or using goodDYEyoung's "Fader" to make any color pastel—that means sky-blue hair!

3. Rock Lobster

It's pretty easy to guess how Rock Lobster got its name. Mix it up with some Blue Ruin for a pretty purple tone.

4. Steal My Sunshine

Who better to rock a GDY shade than Williams herself? Highlighter hair never looked so good.

5. Riot

Riot is, of course, inspired by Williams' look during Paramore's sophomore album. Fun fact: She wore this shade at her wedding!

6. Multicolor Pastel

Remember when we said all the colors are customizable? Multiple GDY shades plus some Fader create this vibrant look. O'Connor is rocking a mixed shade of Blue Ruin too.

7. Cool-toned Color Melt

Make ombré your own with GDY colors. For this look, try Blue Ruin at the roots, mixed with a warmer tone for the ends.

Can't wait to try out these colors? You can preorder all shades right now at goodDYEyoung! Which look do you want to try? Let us know in the comments.