The Pete Wentz of today is a master of many things: music, fatherhood, prank calls and so much more. But when Fall Out Boy were whipping around the world in the mid- to late 2000s, Pete’s on and offstage antics were...interesting. Read below for a collection of things your favorite bassist actually did in the 2000s.

1. The infamous Jason interview

One of the most cringey interviews of all time, behold the pandemonium that ensues when Pete starts the interview by saying his name is Jason.

2. He actually jumped through a dressing room wall

If you watch it back, it seems like the +44 guys started it, but Pete escalated the situation by tossing his entire body through a hole in a dressing room wall. Metal.

3. He took his dog on tour

Yep, you read that right—2008 Fall Out Boy had two tour buses, and one came equipped with Pete’s English bulldog, Hemingway.

4. He was in an episode of CSI: NY...with Ashlee Simpson

Pete exercised his acting chops in 2009 by playing a one-time heroin dealer with then-wife Ashlee Simpson.

5. He did a way too in-depth analysis of a George W. Bush doll

Remember when people thought the “worst possible president ever” was George W. Bush and not a neon-orange rambling bigot? Good times. Anyway, in this interview, Pete did a breakdown of common objects and happened to take a peek into Dub-ya’s pants...

6. He co-starred in Bedussey

If you were confused by the tail end of the “Irresistible” video, wonder no more. In this masterpiece of a short film, Pete and Patrick recreate the gripping tale of a down ‘n’ out drug dealer and one surly customer. The ensuing fight scene should have won Oscars. Plural.

7. He was in a Tyga video

The Decaydance roster in 2008 was a wonderful thing. Tyga, now known for “Rack City” and dating Kylie Jenner, was signed to Pete’s label and decided to give the bassist a cameo.

8. He played “piss roulette” onstage

This clip speaks for itself, but is compounded by the troubling sentence: “Last time I did this, I barfed.” Last time, Pete?