Some people claim that classic-rock juggernauts Led Zeppelin started the heavy metal genre. Other purists say that isn’t the case, and heavy metal owes everything to Black Sabbath (and Ozzy Fuckin’ Osbourne). Regardless of where you stand on the genealogy, the oft-lampooned genre hit its commercial peak in the ’90s, with albums from the Big Four moving more units than ever before and receiving ample play on MTV during daylight hours.

Which ’90s metal band are you the most like? Take our quiz below and scream your results as loud as you can.

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More on ’90s metal

Slayer famously ended their near-40-year run in November 2019 at Los Angeles’ Forum. Despite rumors to the contrary, both the band and their management have said that Slayer will never reunite to play a show or record an album ever again. The band will forever live in the hearts of metalheads and on T-shirts seen at concerts.

While that’s quite a bummer, Metallica released a symphonic sequel to 1999’s S&M with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra called S&M2 almost exactly 20 years after the first live album was released. It topped the Billboard charts and even defeated Katy Perry’s opening week sales. Clearly, metal is far from dead.

Speaking of alive, Anthrax are still active, and the band’s prolific guitarist Scott Ian currently also plays in the Damned Things with members of Fall Out Boy, Every Time I Die and Alkaline Trio. Anthrax (along with acts such as DragonForce, Testament and Corrosion Of Conformity) were also a part of Megadeth’s first-ever MegaCruise in the fall of 2019. Sadly, Megadeth vocalist Dave Mustaine wasn’t on the cruise due to his recent throat cancer diagnosis, and the band didn’t perform at the event, either. Happily, they plan to tour again with Mustaine, and their newest album is slated to be released next year.