Vic Mensa’s latest rock/rap group 93PUNX just dropped a brand new song “3 Years Sober” that was produced by blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

We previously knew of Mensa’s plans to collab with Barker when he spoke about the project to  Beast 1. He also talked working with Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden.

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Now, he’s shared a short video and link to the song on Twitter. 

You can listen to the full song below.

It looks as though Mensa also co-wrote the song with Zac Carper of FIDLAR.

Additionally, 93PUNX just played at Emo Nite LA last week. You can see some photos from their set below.


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More on 93PUNX

Prior to this song, Mensa first debuted the project last month with the video for the group’s debut single “Camp America.”

The video comments on the current situation involving immigrant children being held in U.S. custody. It features Mensa in ICE gear and showing white children in cages.

Also, the video depicts the “family detention” centers being used by the U.S. These centers are filled with thousands of children who were separated from their families at the border.

It features children in jumpsuits dancing around and playing while not realizing they’re being tortured and held in captivity.

“My intention for using white kids as opposed to minority children is to point out the blatantly obvious fact that this would never happen to white kids in this country or maybe anywhere on this earth,” Mensa told The Daily Beast. “Although the nature of the actions the kids were involved in were graphic or shocking, it was all taken from actual occurrences reported at ‘detention’ centers.”

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Then, he continued to discuss the actual children portrayed in the video.

“All of the children’s parents were present and the children were really smart and understood the political statement being made—they wanted to be a part of it. Nothing about this is about shaming white children; it’s about showing that this simply would never happen to white children.”

“The science has shown that early childhood trauma (like being ripped from your mother’s arms) has devastating effects on the development of a child,” he adds. “That’s why I made the song.”

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The lyrics are just as gruesome as they blatantly call out the current situation involving the migrant children in custody.

“We’ll be living it up, not giving a fuck/Splitting you up, then we put you in cuffs/Then we shipping you off, yeah, you could get lost at Camp America,” the lyrics read. “Take your clothes off baby, let me see what you got/We can have a good time if you’re legal or not/Its an ignorant, arrogant, terrorist, heritage/You can finally be an American.”

Also, the chorus repeats, “I wanna have the best summer ever,” which Mensa explained the inspiration behind.

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“The song’s lyrics were inspired by ICE director Matthew Albence comparing the immigration detention centers to summer camps,” Mensa said. “I thought that was a crazy fucking idea and wanted to create a world with this song that imagined that twisted alternate reality, where it was fun for kids to be held as prisoners, drinking out of toilets, away from their parents, and somehow enjoy it like one might at a summer camp.”

Finally, the video ends with a message that reads, “There are over 13,000 immigrant children in U.S. custody today. What if it was your kid?”

Now, you can see the full video for yourself below.

What do you think about the new 93PUNX song? Sound off in the comments down below!

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