A Day To Remember dropped their latest single "Mindreader" last week and now the band are here to teach you how to play it on guitar.

Guitarist Kevin Skaff is creating a playthrough video showing guitar players how to tear through the track's riffs themselves.

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The band's new album You’re Welcome isn't arriving for a foreseeable future, but the band are offering some new content in the meantime anyway.

Following “Degenerates” and “Resentment,” the band revealed an animated video for their new single.

You can learn how to play "Mindreader" with Kevin Skaff below.

Earlier in the week before dropping the track, the band ended up promising that new music would be arriving before the album drop following a vague teaser posted the week prior.

They posted a Zoom call between all of the members saying the cover art and release date are still not finalized but new music will be here soon.

In the video, the band jokingly say people who want to know what they’re up to should call a psychic. They include a phone number, 1 (352) 458-4759, which opens with a “mind reader” discussing having the answers to anyone’s questions. It tells listeners to text the number and you then receive a link to add your contact info for an A Day To Remember mailing list.

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Then, A Day To Remember sent a text message to everyone who signed up for the mailing list on the morning of April 14.

At midnight on April 15, they dropped the track which you can check out below if you haven't yet.

They announced their upcoming album back in August and while the release was set for November 15, they delayed it on November 8 to make sure everything would be perfect.

“It got pushed back because the art for the record isn’t done yet,” Skaff says. “We still can’t find a good cover for the record. I know it doesn’t really matter nowadays, with streaming and everything, but we just want everything to be perfect before it comes out.”

“And there are still a couple of songs that are still getting mixed that we just need to find the right mixer. It’s only getting pushed back -what?- two, two and a half months, so it’s not too bad. It’s not like a Kanye [West] thing where it’s never gonna come out.”

You're Welcome still doesn't have an official release date or an album cover but expect new songs from the band arriving over the next while.

Are you going to learn how to play A Day To Remember's latest track "Mindreader"? Let us know in the comments below.

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