A Day To Remember aren't the ones to shy away from some genre experimentation—and, according to a new interview with guitarist Kevin Skaff, thrash metal is no exception.

When asked what was cut from their newest record Bad Vibrations, Skaff says to chorus.fm, "There were a few super thrash songs. We’ve never really gotten into thrash before, but they were like thrashy."

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"...There were a few songs that were heavier [laughs]. They were all over the place," he explains. "There were a few songs were I was like, 'We could sell this to My Chemical Romance [laughs].' Then there were a couple songs that had like a Tom Petty vibe. It was literally all over the place."

Skaff adds that "Bullfight" originally had a flamenco-like sound. "We’ve never done that kind of intro before. It kind of has like, I don’t even know if it qualifies as a Spanish vibe, but it’s kind of got that," he tells chorus.fm.  "It kind of was Americana folk sounding, and then we just made it less for 'Bullfight.'"

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Skaff also mentioned that an earlier, heavier version of "Paranoia" could show up on a later record—there's no saying that thrash metal A Day To Remember with a touch of My Chemical Romance and Tom Petty won't show up at one point, but who knows? Let us know the wildest A Day To Remember sound combination you want to happen in the comments.

Stream Bad Vibrations, famed as the band's best album since Homesick, now.

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