In the latest episode of Silverstein frontman Shane Told’s podcast, Lead Singer Syndrome, he wraps up a two-part Underoath series with drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie. They cover a multitude of topics, including Gillespie’s role in Paramore. With the band’s multiple lineup changes in recent years, some have been expecting him to be solidified as a permanent member. Gillespie, however, clarifies that he is strictly an aspect of their live performance. He does not have a hand in their writing process. “They’re amazing people,” he says. “It’s an honor to get to play with them.”

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He continues, “It’s something that’s super challenging because of their stature, and because you want to be great for something like that.” 

In addition to discussing Paramore, Gillespie confirms that the Almost are entirely dormant for the time being. While he emits a sense of optimism that one day they may reconvene, the project is done for now.