Tim Burton fans rejoice because The Addams Family is making their return for a new live-action TV series thanks to the director.

This time around, however, Burton is giving the new series a little twist that some fans will be happy about.

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The Addams Family's story has been retold various times over the years. The fictional household was first created by American cartoonist Charles Addams in 1938. However, the story has had various screen adaptations over the years including two other live-action television series. More recently, the Addams Family was made into an animated movie that has a sequel arriving in 2021.

Now, Burton plans to add another Addams Family adaptation to the list. This new project will mark Burton's first major live-action TV series. However, if you are hoping to see The Addams Family are you remember them, think again.

According to Deadline, sources say that the new series will be set in present times as the Addams Family deals with modern life. As well, the television show will reportedly be told exclusively through the perspective of Wednesday Addams.

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Deadline further reports that various buyers are trying to get their hands on the rights to Burton's new project. Netflix is reportedly at the top of the list of landing the project. Other details regarding the series are still unknown. However, Burton and the Addams Family truly seem like a match made in heaven.

The director is known for his classic dark films including Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. He has previously shown his interests in dark comedies when he adapted the 1970s series Dark Shadows into a feature film starring Johnny Depp.

Along with Burton, Smallville executive producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar will be head writers for the series. They will also serve as showrunners and executive producers alongside Burton.

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