The Netflix reboot of our spooky dreams is coming true as the streaming service recently announced an upcoming live-action TV reboot of The Addams Family, directed by Tim Burton

The show, titled Wednesday, is a coming-of-age comedy series that focuses on Wednesday Addams as she attends school at Nevermore Academy.

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While there, she tries to understand her emerging psychic ability, prevent a massive killing spree in her local town and solve the supernatural mystery that involved her parents 25 years ago. During all of this, she must also explore new and sometimes complicated relationships.

In honor of the upcoming series, we decided to figure out which classic Addams Family character you are based on your zodiac sign. You can find out more below. 

Aries – Tully Alford

The Addams family's corrupt lawyer Tully Alford has the stubbornness and aggressiveness of the first sign in the zodiac. He’s always trying to swordfight Gomez, even though he never wins, to show that his hate for the Addams will never die. Well, until he does.

Taurus – Gomez Addams

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a father as loyal and willing to do anything for his family as Gomez. Like a Taurus, he revels in traditions, such as his longstanding habit of smoking cigars and protecting his loved ones. While he’s a bit off the wall and naive with how he handles business, his actions always involve showing his devotion to his family. 

Gemini – Debbie Jellinsky

Sorry Geminis, but it doesn’t get more two-faced than Debbie. She was the wife of Uncle Fester, but she only married him to try to steal the Addams family fortune. She’s manipulative and seduces men only to kill them for their money. Needless to say, she has two sides. 

Cancer – Lurch

Lurch may not be the best butler out there, but he has a heart of gold like every Cancer. He’s so faithful and is obviously passionate about his work, even though he tends to screw up basic tasks. However, he won’t stop trying until he gets it done. 

Leo – Pugsley Addams

Pugsley loves being the center of attention like any good Leo, which is why he’s always building gadgets and working on devious plots with his sister. He also has a boisterous sense of humor and tries to be the emotional rock for his family, though he has a strange way of doing it. 

Virgo – Grandmama

Grandmama is elusive and secretive like any Virgo with a dark side. She has a blackened sense of humor that can be off-putting at first but comes from a good place when you try to understand her. She’s also easily taken advantage of, like this gullible sign. 

Libra – Morticia Addams

Morticia is the mediator of the Addams mansion. She keeps the family balanced, like a textbook Libra, and tries to do what’s best for her family, whom she's fiercely loyal to. Also, Libras tend to keep their emotions to themselves, which is Morticia to a T.

Scorpio – Wednesday Addams

It’s really no surprise that Wednesday, the spooky queen of the franchise, is a Scorpio with a dark side. She’s secretive, imaginative and has sadistic tendencies, like a Scorpio on the hunt for revenge. She’s also pretty sensitive on the inside but puts on a tough exterior to protect herself. 

Sagittarius – Margaret Addams

Sagittarius is known for being the sign that seeks adventure, often running away or staying in motion to keep things interesting. And that’s one way to look at Margaret’s character arc in the franchise. When she was first married to Tully, she was rude, close-minded and appalled by the Addams family. However, once she fell in love with Cousin Itt, she became happy, open-minded and embraced a new, lighter (and way creepier) version of herself. 

Capricorn – Thing

Capricorns are the most logical sign and are always focused on getting things done. Thing is the literal helping hand of the family, fetching anything and everything they could need and riding along in the glove compartment of their family car. Thing doesn’t focus on emotions or trying to be understood—it just tries to be as useful as possible, which is the core essence of a Cap. 

Aquarius – Cousin Itt

Aquarius is typically the most unique person of the zodiac. If you take one look at Cousin Itt, you know that he’s something else. This sign is independent and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of them, and people love them for it—just look at his relationship with Margaret. 

Pisces – Uncle Fester

Speaking of loners, Uncle Fester is probably one of the most befuddling characters in the Addams family, like a true misunderstood Pisces. He loves migraines, can conduct electricity and is often in scenes on his own, exploring realms that the others couldn’t imagine.