[Photo by: Notablelife]

Adidas, ever the innovators, have created the world's first puke-proof shoe, just in time for Oktoberfest. Really. 

Check them out below!

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Whether you're travelling to Germany or just heading out on the town with friends, Oktoberfest will soon be upon us, and, hopefully, not upon your shoes. But for the beer spills and vomit splashes that can't be avoided, Adidas has got you covered.

That's right, they've designed a limited edition shoe that has been specifically designed to repel beer, vomit, or really any liquid you may be spraying while intoxicated (we're going to leave that one open-ended.) The shoes are inspired by traditional Bavarian leather pants, and are made of high-quality leather with a DPBR coating, a treatment they're calling "Oktoberfesterization." 

And as if this wasn't the most ridiculous and amazing thing already, the shoes say "Prost" on the side, which is German for "Cheers." 

Check out these beauties below!

[Photo by: 43einhalb]

While these kicks were designed specifically for Oktoberfest, we think they'd be the perfect shoes for concerts, the place where we always ruin our favorite shows with beer, sweat, and sometimes tears. Check them out here

Are these the perfect shoes to complete your lederhose emsemble? Sound off in the comments below! Prost!