After the release of their last full-length Past Lives in 2018, Against The Current took their time with the album cycle before diving back into music. When they made their return with “that won't save us” last year, the band went back to their rock roots. Now, they continue the journey with a new song and music video with “weapon.”

The band first began teasing the track in early March when they mailed matches and dropped a video asking fans to text them at 845-299-8675.

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The group later shared a 35-second teaser of the new video. Featuring a flaming doorway and other fiery imagery, the music video was set to be just as immersive as its predecessor.

On March 8, Against The Current shared a link to their website to presave the track. They also told fans to check back over the next few days to help extinguish the flame and see what was behind the fire. When the flame eventually went out, the new track's cover art and release date were revealed.

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The trio finally announced the release time for “weapon” March 9, adding in that they would be talking with fans in the chat prior to its premiere.

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Playing in an abandoned building, the group tear through each chorus surrounded by smoke and embers. Lead vocalist Chrissy Costanza says the track was written during a dark period in her life and how it serves as a victory.

“‘weapon’ is about the invisible wars we wage within ourselves, where we are simultaneously the protagonist and the antagonist of our own story,” she says. “I've spent so much time being my own worst enemy, as the weapon that destroys relationships I care about. This song is about that battle and the victory I strive for but always seem to fall short of. We wrote it in a time of darkness that existed both in the world around us but also in my own head. This song is a triumph over that darkness.’”

Check out Against The Current music video for "weapon" below.

More on Against The Current

Against The Current dropped their first EP in 2014 with pop-punk-inspired InfinityThe trio went on to release several other EPs over the next couple of years including the Infinity acoustic sessions and Gravity in 2015. They also shared Gravity (The Acoustic Sessions Volume II) that same year.

With the release of their debut full-length In Our Bones in 2016, the band introduced a rock-influenced sound. With guitar-driven tracks such as “Running With The Wild Things” and lighter anthems such as “Roses,” Against The Current proved themselves to be a versatile act unconstricted in genre boundaries.

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The band continued to experiment with their sound as they made their way into the Past Lives album cycle. Tracks such as "Voices" and "Strangers Again" allowed the band to explore pop alongside synth-driven dance progressions.

After two years of no releases, the band made their return with “that won't save us” in October of 2020. With the new track, the band went back to their rock roots for a fiery performance inspired by Costanza's personal struggles.

"Touring Past Lives was awesome," drummer Will Ferri exclusively told Alternative Press after the release of the track. "It had so many layers to it, very musical, a lot of little intricacies, but I feel like even with Past Lives, we found ourselves trying to make [a] setlist just like we wanted [with] the most energy. It’s cool to take things back to where we started with ‘that won’t save us’ and everything in the future.”

When asked what they had coming next, Costanza shared that the band weren't entirely sure when they would be releasing more content.

“We’re definitely working on our next release, [but we] don’t have the date set for it," the singer states. "Obviously, we’re working on more than just a song. We’re writing a lot and starting to tie some things up.”