The Umbrella Academy star Aidan Gallagher has taken to his Instagram to refute various rumors regarding feminism, environmental activism and mental health.

In much of the post, Gallagher addresses recent hearsay that he isn’t a feminist. The Instagram post further talks about that point, noting some people have begun to believe he’s actually against women altogether. However, Gallagher quickly shuts down the rumor by saying he’s been positively vocal about feminism for years. 

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Additionally, he says he’s not going to stand idly by in regards to rumors that carry such weight in the current political climate, mentioning other topics such as corporate corruption and environmental deterioration. In sharing these issues, the actor says his social media will continue to be used as a platform to discuss and spread information about the world’s most important topics.

Nearing the end of the lengthy Instagram post, Gallagher tells fans not to believe in posts that he didn’t create himself, as they likely came from hate accounts. Instead, he directs people to reputable news sources and old interviews to get the facts straight.

You can read the entire statement below:

“I’m hearing a lot of rumors lately about me saying things I never said. People are “quoting” me with things I never said. Saying I’m against women or mental health — both things I have spent years standing up for. I don’t know but every day the rumors get wilder. People have made fake screenshots of things and claim they are of me saying incredibly wild things.
In any group of 100 people, there will always be one person who is resentful and wants to hurt others. When you’re famous they target you because it gives them attention they cannot get by targeting someone with a big following. Please know I stand up for issues while most celebrities only post selfies to try to sell you things. For that reason I have always been targeted by those that are in denial about the issues I post about. Please review my Instagram history going back five years and you’ll see who I really am and what I stand for. I could be just another vain celebrity posting selfies and not speaking much, though there will always be that one percent in any group. With 100 followers=one secret hater, 1000=10, 10,000= 100, 100,000=1,000. With two million followers, you can estimate there’s about 20,000 that will hate me for whatever reason. The biggest reason is because I speak out against Trump and corporate corruption. I’m not against republicans, I’m against corruption by any group. I’m against illegal polluting that is being allowed to happen by bribing government officials we pay to protect us. I’m pro-human rights at a time when governments are trying to become dictatorships around the world.
Governments have created huge armies of computer experts to create huge disinformation programs to discredit and silence anyone that speaks out against them. I think actions speak louder than words that I actually POST online you can read yourself.
Do not believe fake screenshots being spread around of things i never posted and you didn’t see me post yourself. When I first posted I was a feminist, I got a ton of hate saying boys cannot be feminists, which is crazy. A boy can be pro-female rights and pro-equal rights. But now the rumors are going around that I’m actually against women. That’s just so crazy. So many fake rumors and fake screenshots come up every day  I don’t even know where to start. Please know I’m not going to address them each one by one as they are being made up because that would just be so crazy and be endless and give haters the attention they want. Just know I’m going to post things I stand for and believe in — and what you stand for and believe in is your choice. These are my social media pages and I choose to stand up for the health of the planet and all species on it. We are deeply in the middle of Earth’s SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION and those profiting from it want to silence those who speak up about it. You can either help them discredit me and poison your own planet and sit in silence eating your hamburgers, or you can help them discredit me and poison your own planet while they profit and you grow sick and obese. That is your choice for your life and social media. I started as a young boy surfing with a love of the ocean and beach and noticed it was polluted with trash even in Malibu. That’s where I started. There are hundred of interviews you can find online of actual quotes in reputable news sources. Do not trust anything you did not see me post. Thank you!”


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