Some of our favorite bands get creative when they come up with an album, thinking outside of the songs and implementing a huge concept for art, live shows and more. 

One popular trend among artists is the use of mascots or characters to feature on album covers, onstage and in music videos. While metal bands have had “mascots” for decades, artists such as Panic! At The Disco, Post Malone, twenty one pilots and more have taken on the trend. 

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As we’ve been exposed to these characters more, the more we love them. Some bands have even turned their mascots into merch items so we can have our own at home. 

We wanted to test your knowledge of these iconic mascots to see if you can match them to the correct album they come from. You can take that quiz below. 

More on album art mascots

With the general elections right around the corner, the Wonder Years decided to take on a new challenge to register over 1,000 voters by Oct. 20. If they succeeded, they would treat fans to a brand new song ahead of the election.

Well, it looks like they managed to meet their goal with the help of On Friday, the Wonder Years released their new song “Brakeless” which is a true throwback to The Upsides era.

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Along with their voting registration goal, the Wonder Years are also celebrating the 10th anniversary of their album The Upsides. As well, next year marks the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough sophomore album Suburbia.

For vocalist Dan Campbell, he wanted to find a way to honor the anniversary and also push the Wonder Years to try something new. It was after he stumbled across some old demos that Campbell found the inspiration for “Brakeless.”

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“I was going through old hard-drives full of demos and voice notes when I stumbled onto an idea I had that never got brought to the band,” Campbell says. “What if we tried to go back and write songs that sounded like those records? What would that sound like?”

In order to truly give “Brakeless” the authentic 2010 the Wonder Years sound, the band brought in individuals from that era. Suburbia producer Steve Evetts and Vince Ratti, who produced and mixed The Upsides, returned to help bring “Brakeless” to life. As well, the single’s artwork was done by Mitchell Wojcik who created the original cover for The Upsides. Check out more on the track and hear it here.