Here at AltPress, it’s no secret we love makeup and music, so anytime they come together, it’s pretty magical.

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There are a lot of talented makeup artists on the internet who think so as well. Sometimes, they even decide to take the albums of their favorite bands and artistically recreate them on their faces.

We’re not sure how they do it, but we’re glad they do. Here are 187 makeup looks inspired by some of our favorite albums to obsess over.

5 Seconds Of Summer — Youngblood

One Twitter user showed off their excitement for 5SOS’s latest album by doing four makeup looks based off each bandmate’s cover photo. We would totally rock this look to a 5SOS show and show off our obsession.

Panic! At The Disco — Pray For The Wicked and Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!

Both of these MUAs showed their Panic! love by tackling two of the band’s album covers. The avant-garde looks are pretty amazing, and you can definitely tell which albums they emulate. Our only suggestion would be more eyeliner, because we love a good Brendon Urie guyliner moment.

Issues — Headspace

This Twitter user recreates many makeup looks of our favorite bands, but this Issues one was incredible. Her eyeliner wings are literally bird wings; it’s a true piece of art.

twenty one pilots — Blurryface

twenty one pilots fans will fall in love with this look instantly. This Blurryface-inspired makeup look is a complete face painting that probably took a ridiculous amount of time to do. We can’t get enough!

Paramore — brand new eyes and Riot!

Both of these throwback Paramore looks are so spot-on. The detail on the Riot! cover combined with the glam eye look is #goals. Also, we are seriously feeling the butterfly wings around the mouth. Bravo!

Fall Out Boy — MANIA

This Fall Out Boy look makes it look like this person has neon lights all over their face, and we’re jealous. It’s taking us back to when Pete Wentz had a short run with lavender hair that we fell in love with.

The Wonder Years — No Closer To Heaven

This one is really crazy. The entire stained glass-looking face is replicated perfectly on this person’s eye. The yellow mascara on the bottom lashes really just shows how much detail was put into this look.