Alex Gaskarth has been keeping plenty busy between All Time Low and Simple Creatures, but that’s not to say he doesn’t have time to try something new.

Hardcore ATL fans might argue Gaskarth dabbled in electronic with joke track “Sticks, Stones And Techno” circa 2005. However, Kayzo collab “Up In Flames” marks his first true venture into the EDM world, and the duo are partnering with AP for the video’s premiere.

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The matchup was “seamless,” according to Kayzo. Gaskarth was very involved with the entire process, and while they tracked the lyrics in one session, the frontman knew he could make it even better.

“Having him so dialed in and hands on with the creative process was really exciting,” Kayzo says. “A month ago, we thought the song was in a good place to call it complete, but Alex hit me up and wanted to rerecord because he knew he could do a better pass of it and even had ideas on how to refresh the arrangement musically. He was an important and key piece to this song coming together the way it did.”

kayzo alex gaskarth up in flames coachella
Kayzo and Alex Gaskarth perform at Coachella April 12.

Gaskarth joined Kayzo at Coachella’s first weekend where they debuted the track through a live performance. The vocalist wasn’t the only surprise as YUNGBLUD, Tommy Lee, grandson and Sum 41’s Frank Zummo also joined in. While Zummo is currently Kayzo’s touring drummer, the others hopped on to perform their own tracks throughout the set.

As evidenced by that Coachella set, Kayzo is certainly no stranger to the scene. In addition to Gaskarth, the DJ has released tracks with Devin Oliver (“FOLLOW YOU”), Underoath (“WASTED SPACE”), Our Last Night (“Alone”), blessthefall (“Before The Storm”) and Zummo (“The Less We Know”).

The genre blending is no mistake, and Kayzo believes “Up In Flames” is a peak example of the natural process.

“The song itself and the production behind it has become my best example to date of the blurred line of rock and electronic music that I am continuously working to create,” he explains. “‘Up In Flames’ is important because it embodies the the high and low of love and friendship.

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“We all have good times with those we love, and the memories we keep can make letting go hard whether it’s a friend or a loved one,” he continues. “But at the end of the day, all good things must come to an end. It’s about the journey and what was made between the start and finish line.”

As for the song’s concept, Gaskarth explained the meaning behind it, which is captured in the video.

“‘Up In Flames’ is about passion and the juxtaposition of the metaphor of fire itself.” Gaskarth says. “[It’s] the way it can be used to describe someone igniting a room when you see them, vs. the idea of burning it all down and starting again when things go wrong.”

Check out Alex Gakarth on Kayzo’s “Up In Flames” here and the video below.

Kayzo has a handful of upcoming tour dates, which you can check out below and grab tickets here.

Kayzo Dates:

05/16 – San Marcos, TX @ The Marc
07/20 – Paris, FR @ Lollapalooza Paris
08/03 – Toronto, ON @ Veld Music Festival
08/31 – Philadelphia, PA @ Made In America Festival
09/05 – La Cygne, KS @ Dancefestopia