Alice Glass has shared a new video for “Fair Game.” The song dropped ahead of her upcoming debut solo album PREY//IV, set for a January 28 release via Eating Glass Records.

“Fair Game” follows the release of the album’s lead single “Baby Teeth.” That song was the first new music from Glass since “SUFFER AND SWALLOW” at the beginning of 2021.

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Glass' new song offers a powerful meditation on abuse and the psychological impact it can have on individuals.

“‘Fair Game’ is spoken from the perspective of the abuser,” Glass says. “It’s a song made of actual phrases that were used in repetition to gaslight me, to intentionally keep me confused and weakened. In those moments I was completely convinced they represented undeniable facts. Looking back on these words now they seem flimsy and are so obviously hiding the feelings of someone else, someone whose only power is in hurting others.”

While the track helps Glass herself, she also wants it to be a warning sign to others.

“I hope I can help anyone listening to my music recognize the red flags of toxic relationships before they evolve into something worse,” she says, “something that becomes embedded so deep it can transform you.”

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Glass also shared a video for “Fair Game,” which incorporates the emotional integrity of the track into the visuals. 

“When I discovered what the song was about and the dark place where it comes from, it became incredibly important to me to create something that really conveys strength and power in oneself to build the courage to push through toxicity,” video director Bryan M. Ferguson says.

You can check out the visual for “Fair Game” below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.