Alice Glass has released her debut studio album  PREY//IV via Eating Glass Records. On top of that, Glass also released a music video for ”Everybody Else.” The music video is reminiscent of a old silent film with a haunting twist.

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PREY//IV is Glass' first full-length solo body of work, following her 2017 self-titled EP. Glass spoke about the new album in a press release. “I hope this record reaches those who need to know that they are not alone in this world – who need to know that it’s ok to be hurting,” she says. “I hope, for some, that it will give them the courage to find a path away from the toxic situations they are experiencing.”
Check out the music video for “Everybody Else” below.

PREY//IV tracklist:

1. “Prey”
2. “Pinned Beneath Limbs”
3. “Love Is Violence”
4. “Baby Teeth”
5. “Everybody Else”
6. “The Hunted”
7. “Fair Game”
8. “Witch Hunt”
9. “Suffer and Swallow”
10. “Suffer In Peace”
11. “Animosity”
12. “I Trusted You”
13. “Sorrow Ends”