[Photo by: @_alice_glass/Instagram]

Ex-Crystal Castles front woman Alice Glass has been served with a court summons from someone posing as a fan. 

After posting an emotional statement on her website about her reason for exiting Crystal Castles that alleged abuse from her bandmate Ethan Kath, Glass received a somewhat vitriolic response from Kath, as is apparent here. 

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Glass took to Twitter to post a photo of a court summons document, which names her as the defendant in a case where she is being sued by the plaintiff Claudio Palmieri “aka Ethan Kath.” 

“Just got served after my show in Chicago by someone pretending to be a fan,” Glass posted with the photo. “lol see you in court asshole.”

Previously, Glass claimed that Kath had manipulated her, stating he had had sex with her that “wasn’t always consensual” and subjected her to physical, emotional, and psychological abuse over the period of time the band was together. 

Crystal Castles continues to perform with a new singer named Edith Frances, who took Glass’s place when she left the outfit three years ago in 2014.