[Photos by: Jonathan Weiner, Ozzy Osbourne/Instagram]

Alkaline Trio drummer Derek Grant is one talented Instagram artist—just check out his insane audio-video mashup of Ozzy Osbourne's iconic 1980 single "Crazy Train" with Alk3's 1998 classic "Cringe" down below. All aboard!

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Dubbed an "unfinished masterpiece" by the Vermont-based musician, the so-called "Crazy Cringe" takes Ozzy's singular vocal and late guitarist Randy Rhoads' blistering lead and combines them with elements from Alkaline Trio's hallowed Goddamnit opener. And we're going off the rails just listening to this thing. As to just how "unfinished" the piece is, we're not certain, but Grant says all the rotoscoping was driving him insane. Crazy—but that's how it goes!

So get wide-eyed and cast your bleeding eyes upon the bewildering mashup that is "Crazy Cringe" right here (then relive the originals directly after). Perhaps even Christ himself would cringe at the sight of this monstrosity:

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