It’s hard to believe 16 years have passed since New Found Glory unleashed Catalyst on the world. Released in 2004, the band’s fourth album featured defining moments in their discography, including “All Downhill From Here” and “Failure’s Not Flattering.”

Can you still remember the lyrics to “All Downhill From Here”? Test your pop-punk knowledge below.

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More on New Found Glory

A few years ago, New Found Glory set out on a 20-year tour where they celebrated their tenure as a band by playing two classic albums at each stop. Despite two decades under their belt already, the band are certainly not slowing down as they prepare to release their 10th album, Forever + Ever x Infinity, this summer.

Originally set for release May 29, the band made the decision to delay the album amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the follow-up to 2017’s Makes Me Sick and the cover-packed From The Screen To Your Stereo 3 will arrive June 19.

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Back in January, Chad Gilbert took to Instagram to tease new New Found Glory music.

“How do you arrange a tracklisting to an album when all 15 songs are your favorite songs,” Gilbert writes alongside a photo of the band. “Put them all on track 1 at the same time? It’s a difficult task but feeling confident in them no matter what order they go. Photo by @acaciaevans. Really cool effects by me!”

Following the post, New Found Glory also announced that they wanted die-hard fans to appear in a new music video they would be filming. The band finally announced the album in early February with the first single “Greatest Of All Time” with a video filled with their biggest supporters. Since then, the band have unleashed “Nothing To Say,” “Shook By Your Shaved Head” and “Himalaya.”

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Forever + Ever x Infinity is available June 19, but you can preorder it here now. Check out the first single “Greatest Of All Time” and a full tracklisting below.

Forever + Ever x Infinity tracklist

1. "Shook By Your Shaved Head"
2. "Greatest Of All Time"
3. "Double Chin For The Win"
4. "Nothing To Say"
5. "Stay Awhile"
6. "Himalaya"
7. "Same Side Sitters"
8. "Like I Never Existed"
9. "More And More"
10. "Do You Want To Settle Down?"
11. "The Way You Deserve"
12. "Trophy"
13. "Scarier Than Jason Voorhees At A Campfire"
14. "Birthday Song But Not Really"
15. "Slipping Away"