All That Remains guitarist and founding member Oli Herbert died at the age of 44 last month. Shortly after, the band announced a public memorial service in Massachusetts.

Now, Herbert's team is sharing the memorial has been cancelled.

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All That Remains announced last month that Herbert passed away at age 44. Officials stated nothing appeared suspicious about his death, which was later revealed to be an accident.

However, Billboard reported that Herbert was found dead in a pond near his Connecticut home Tuesday, Oct. 16 around 5 p.m. Connecticut State Trooper spokesperson Tanya Compagnone stated he was reported missing, which led to officers searching the area.

On Nov. 6, the band announced a public memorial service for the musician scheduled for this Sunday, Nov. 11.

The memorial service was going to to take place at the Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts from 2 to 5 p.m., as stated on the official event page.

However, the memorial is now cancelled. The official Oli Herbert page shared the news on Facebook.

No additional information is available at this time and the band has yet to comment on the news.

All That Remains first announcement

All That Remains announced Oct. 17 that Herbert passed away at age 44. You can read their full statement below:

We were devastated to learn that Oli Herbert, our friend, guitar player, and founding member of All That Remains, has passed away.

Oli was an incredibly talented guitarist and songwriter who defined Rock and Metal from the Northeast. His impact on the genres and our lives will continue indefinitely.

No further details are available at this time. The band and family request that you please respect their privacy and remember Oli by celebrating the great music he made.”

We extend our deepest condolences to All That Remains and Herbert’s family and friends at this time.

Herbert’s widow, Beth, later took to his Facebook page to thank fans for the kind words.

“Hello everyone this is Beth, Oli’s widow. Thank you all for the kind thoughts and words. I don’t want to go into what happened until we have a complete picture, but as soon as we do there will be a statement from the family on this page. In the meantime, please respect our privacy as there are still relatives being informed of Oli’s passing. Thank you.”