All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte has called Oli Herbert’s Widow a “garbage human being” during a recent interview.

Beth Herbert is the widow of guitarist Oli who drowned last year at age 44. His death was ruled “suspicious” by police when they found unprescribed antidepressants and sleep aids in his system.

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Since then, the police have opened an investigation into his death. Oli made a will a week before his death leaving Beth everything, and the will was never looked at by legal representatives.

Labonte made the comments about Beth during an interview on Rover’s Morning Glory.

“Beth was never to be around… to be on tour. She would come to the local shows because, you know, we couldn’t stop her,” Labonte said. “Everyone else in the band, you know, wives, girlfriends, whatever – they would come out on tour, stay for a few days, stay for a week, everybody got along… We made the decision, and she wasn’t allowed because she was a garbage human being.”

He continued in the interview to express his distaste for Beth. 

“We tried to get (Oli) to get a divorce for a long time. I can’t tell you exactly why he wouldn’t do it or what the circumstances were surrounding his resistance,” he said. “But I can say that I personally talked to him and said multiple times, ‘Look, if you need a place to stay, I got plenty of room.'”

Just this month, All That Remains found a permanent replacement guitarist for the band. Just before their European tour, the band recruited Jason Richardson (Born of Osiris and Chelsea Grin) as a temporary replacement. Now, Richardson has been welcomed as a permanent member.

All That Remains recently released their ninth studio album, Victim of the New Disease last November. The album marks the last piece of work Herbert made with the band. You can pick up your copy of it here.

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