all time low album eras quiz
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QUIZ: Which All Time Low album era are you the most like?

Whether you’ve been a fan of All Time Low since their famous cough in “Dear Maria, Count Me In” or you just discovered them for their chart-topping hit “Monsters” featuring blackbear from their latest record, Wake Up, Sunshine, one thing is clear: All Time Low are an alt treasure and have humbly shared the ups and downs of their lives with us via each and every record across their discography. 

Just as the pop-punk act have grown in their careers, they’ve shifted and experimented with different artists, covers and businesses. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see which era of ATL matches your personality!

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More on All Time Low

When not focusing on ATL Alex Gaskarth also has a side project with blink-182’s Mark Hoppus called Simple Creatures. It’s been a year since we heard new music from the duo, but that doesn’t mean they’re not at work.

Simple Creatures dropped their first song in January 2019, and fans were instantly hooked. Since the release of “Drug,” they’ve unveiled two EPs with Strange Love and Everything Opposite.

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Gaskarth recently chatted with Loudwire Nights and reassured fans that the duo plans to release new music in the future. “There absolutely will be more music and more Simple Creatures to come,” he says.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Simple Creatures were forced to change their plans for 2020 which is why fans haven’t heard from them in a while.

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“We had all these plans, we had music kicking around,” he continues. “Then COVID hit, and it’s obviously shaken the year up and plans have had to change, naturally.”

Gaskarth further shares that he and Hoppus plan to finish up a few songs soon, but he’s not sure exactly when that will be. “We need to kind of find that moment where we can get together in a studio and button up a couple of songs, and see where it goes from there.”