All Time Low hustlers, rejoice! The band have their eighth album, Wake Up, Sunshine coming out this Friday. The four dudes from Baltimore took pop-punk to some next-level action in the late oughties. All their hard work (and stage banter) yielded them a rabid fanbase and a meaningful career.

However, there's something that doesn't get talked about too much. That's All Time Low having the capacity to be a "gateway drug" to other bands. With a storied career that enraptured millions, they've picked up some tricks along the way. Which is why we're calling out all the ATL "hustlers" with our new video list.

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Our list of albums All Time Low hustlers should check out has some obvious bands, but not choices. There are more than a few touring buddies on this roll call, as well. Some scene pioneers are mentioned, and there's a handful of new jacks. Because the wheel keeps on turning. The only thing they all have in common is an energy and a way with some killer hooks. Just like All Time Low.

These days, All Time Low have swerved out of the pop-punk superhighway they originally set the speed limits on. But with the release of 2017's Last Young Renegades and this week's Wake Up, Sunshine, they still have plenty in the tank. But waiting three years between records can get tedious. That's why All Time Low hustlers who have stood by them so long should enjoy our selection of albums. That is, after you get Wake Up, Sunshine. Tell us what band you discovered thanks to ATL in the comments below. We bet there are more than a couple. Maybe they're already on our list.