All Time Low started their spring with a bang with the release of their eighth album, Wake Up, Sunshine, earlier this month, featuring blackbear and the Band CAMINO. However, the band are also hitting another important milestone today: Future Hearts turns 5 years old! 

It feels like just yesterday everyone listened to “Kids In The Dark” and “Tidal Waves” featuring Mark Hoppus for the first time. Test your Future Hearts knowledge by seeing if you remember all the lyrics to “Something’s Gotta Give.” After the quiz, you can even rewatch their zombie-themed music video where Alex Gaskarth runs around in a french fry mascot uniform.

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More on All Time Low

All Time Low dropped their eight full-length Wake Up, Sunshine this past Friday. Frontman Alex Gaskarth revealed the band hid some past nods in the lyrics during a Twitter Q&A Monday.

“The fans love to find lyrics in new music that seem to nod to older songs,” a Twitter used asked. “Is that done deliberately, or just a happy coincidence?”

“Absolutely deliberate,” Gaskarth reveals. “Easter eggs are my favorite thing and I think it makes the album experience that much more enjoyable for people on a 3rd/4th spin.”

The lyric weren’t the only nod to past material as the band recruited past producers and channeled some of that nostalgic sound for this new album. All Time Low called upon Future Hearts producer Zakk Cervini (blink-182, Waterparks) and Last Young Renegade producer Andrew Goldstein (blackbear5 Seconds Of Summer) to join them in Palm Desert.

“The first [complete] song we wrote was ‘Some Kind Of Disaster,’” Gaskarth says, speaking of the anthemic lead single that kick-started Wake Up, Sunshine. “That was the moment where we all said, ‘Well, this sounds like it could be the next version of what we’re going to do.’”

It is, simply put, a fantastic All Time Low song. Opening with just Gaskarth’s vocals and the strum of a guitar, you can hear the way it’ll travel from the walls of underplay clubs to the edges of festival fairgrounds. It rings out the way “Something’s Gotta Give” or “Backseat Serenade” do on previous All Time Low albums—an immediate hit that fans grip on to for years to come.

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