In case you haven't heard, All Time Low are officially back in the wine business. The band have teamed up with Wines That Rock to release their new Summer Daze Rosé.

In celebration of the wine's launch on June 30, Jack Barakat decided to re-enact an iconic Titanic scene with the new wine.

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The rosé's name inspiration comes from All Time Low's latest album Wake Up, Sunshine. The Summer Daze Rosé is a fresh and crisp wine featuring notes of fresh strawberries and melon, complete with a light acidic finish. The wine also leaves a lasting taste of cotton candy, cherry and citrus, perfect for the summertime weather.

All roads lead to this: a foray into the endless summer, celebrated here in a refreshing rosé that we’ve been contemplating and anticipating since we first ventured into the wine space. We’re very excited about this one," Alex Gaskarth says.

Following the launch of the rosé on June 30, Barakat decided to celebrate in his own way. He took to social media to share a hilarious video of him re-enacting an iconic scene from Titanic. While in the bathtub, Barakat can be seen holding the rosé bottle while performing a legendary scene from the 1997 film.

For those that don't know, the two main characters in the film are named Jack and Rose. So, it makes perfect sense for Jack himself to re-enact the scene with a rosé.

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"Get it because like Jack and Rose, but like Rosé," the caption reads. "And Jack’s name is Jack. Anyways…@summerdazerose is available to order RIGHT NOW."

All Time Low are holding an official Twitch virtual launch party at 5pm EST. The Summer Daze Rosé is available to purchase here.

Last June, All Time Low joined forces with Wines That Rock and E2 Winery to release a limited-edition Cabernet Sauvignon wine called "Everything Is Wine." The wine's name is a nod to their 2018 song "Everything Is Fine." The wine sold out within an hour of its release and caused a waitlist of over 4,000 fans.

For Black Friday 2019, the band released a holiday two-pack which included the sold-out Cabernet Sauvignon and a new Sauvignon Blanc. As well, All Time Low have collaborated with RISE Brewing Co. for their very own Wake Up, Sunshine Nitro Cold Brew. The beverage launched following the release of their latest record.

Are you purchasing a bottle of the Summer Daze Rosé? Let us know in the comments below.