A keen listener has found a striking similarity between two All Time Low and the Used tracks that you might not have heard until now.

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Playing the two songs one after the other, Thibault displays how they sound almost identical at times.

@janickthibaultam i crazy or they sound the same??? ##alltimelow ##theused ##tasteofink ##emo ##alternative ##punktokers ##summerdaze ##samesong♬ original sound - Janick Thibault

Some commenters made the connection that All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth has actually discussed the similarities before.

The band did an extensive track-by-track breakdown of their most recent record Wake Up, Sunshine. In one of the parts of the album breakdown, Gaskarth addresses how the bridge developed. You can hear him talk about it around 42:40 into the video below.

"This one's really interesting. There's a couple of cool twists and turns on this one. The bridge, which I'm sure some people have picked up on and pointed it out, the bridge melody is lifted straight from a Used song," says Gaskarth.

He elaborates on telling the Used frontman Bert McCracken about using it and the context for why it was used.

"When I reached out to Bert to let him know that I had pretty much ripped his probably most signature melody from their most popular song, Bert was the sweetest dude about it and was like yeah. Fuck yeah you guys can use it. It was very, very sweet and I sort of explained to him that the song, the subject matter in the song was me recalling these feelings that I was going back to at a time when I was listening to that song "The Taste of Ink" by the Used. It's coming from a place in my past where that melody would have been in my head a lot."

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