Prepare yourself for an onslaught of black eyeliner memes today. The guys of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Frank Iero, were spotted together in Los Angeles. 

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It appears the guys showed up to support Frank Iero And The Patience at the Troubador last night, and someone grabbed some photos that are now circulating on social media. You can check out the pictures below. 

The band split up in 2013, and although it's been almost four years since the band disbanded, the guys are still super close. Former guitarist Ray Toro opened up about how Frank Iero's accident last year was a reality check for himself and the rest of the band back in January.

"That was a scary time for all of us. Obviously [for] him and his family and the other guys who were in that crash. Not that we weren’t in a place where we weren’t talking or communicating, but it definitely sends a shock into your system,” Toro says. “We could have lost this person and, for me personally, I have been friends with him for so long and it was just scary stuff. It was definitely a reality a check for sure.”

Toro goes on to say that all the MCR guys are supportive of each other's projects and always know what's going on with each other. “That is one of the great things—we are still close friends and close family. We all keep an eye, even if we are not in touch with each other every day we all know what all the other guys are up to.”

And although Toro clarified last fall that our reunion dreams likely won't be coming true ("I think we all probably miss making music together—but I think at the same time we’re all very focused on our current projects," Toro says), we still love seeing the guys reconnect.

Check out the photos from the show last night below:

Clearly, the internet is freaking out as much as we are. (As one should, of course. Our emo hearts are feeling so much.)

What are your thoughts on the MCR hangout session? Let us know in the comments below!

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