We caught up with All Time Low for issue 348 to talk more about their thirteen years as a band, seven albums and everything in between, and in talking more about their past, we got the details on some of their most memorable moments as a band—including the making of The Party Scene and the time Rian Dawson came closest to quitting the band.

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While they were making The Party Scene, Dawson says his biggest memory was his job at Rita’s Italian Ice, where he worked throughout high school.

“Alex would be in the studio every day recording vocals while I was at work, and I’d just wait so impatiently to hear whatever came next. They’d bring it into Rita’s and I’d play it on the little speaker there,” Dawson recalls.

Seeing Alex and Jack come in so excited about the new music they were creating, he couldn’t help but feel left out.

“I shut the window on probably 10 customers, and they f*cking played me ‘Sticks, Stones And Techno,’ which is the joke track on the record,” Dawson says.

“I was so mad. Back then, when I was 15 years old, I was a sweaty, overweight, angry, b*tchy kid. This did not bode well. Out of all the years of being in this band, that’s the moment I’ve come closest to quitting.”

But we're happy he chose to stick with it!

We’ve dedicated this month’s cover to exploring All Time Low's storied past, as well as what their ride to the next level will bring. From making the party scene to achieving young renegade status, everything you need to know about ATL lies inside. On top of commentary from the guys on all of their releases, we have a track-by-track where frontman Alex Gaskarth goes deep explaining each song on Last Young Renegade, as well as an ATL poster special featuring rare photos. You can pick up your copy below!

In addition, All Time Low have also been announced as performers for the 2017 APMAs, to be held on July 17 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Grab your tickets here, and find the full list of nomniees here.

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