Across the 2000s and 2010s, there was a whole lot of angsty entertainment to watch on TV or in movies. Often, the lines between those different types of entertainment became blurred, much to superfans' delight. Cameos from big-name musicians or even entire bands were a constant in the biggest TV shows and movies of the time.

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We can never resist a walk down memory lane, so here are 10 times alt musicians made appearances in TV shows. You can check those out below.

Avril Lavigne

Sabrina The Teenage Witch was a staple for Halloween lovers everywhere from the late '90s to the early 2000s. Scene queen Avril Lavigne made an appearance on the show because Sabrina is a witchy teen, so of course she'd be a major fan. In iconic fashion, Lavigne performs "Sk8er Boi" for the make-believe audience, even though she's being blackmailed by a trope of gangsters.

Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie were a central part of the storyline on The O.C., thanks to Seth Cohen's obsession with the band. The show featured quite a few DCFC songs throughout the years. But eventually, the band appear on the show to perform a concert at the Bait Shop because it'd be a shame if they didn't.

Sonic Youth

The Upper East Side's elite in Gossip Girl may not look like your typical alt-rock fans, but then Sonic Youth made an appearance on the show. The band played at a fancy New York City party, and the vibe actually fit perfectly on the show.


Indie legends Sleater-Kinney performed a rock show fit for the riot grrrls of The L Word back in its third season. Thanks to an awkward sexual encounter, their set was cut short. However, the snippet was like a glimpse at one of the band's old-school live performances.

Alice Cooper

That '70s Show was the peak stoner TV show back in the 2000s and even featured a cameo from rock icon Alice Cooper. Eric Forman worried that his girlfriend Donna Pinciotti would leave him for a rock star like Cooper. And honestly, Eric didn't stand a chance in competing against the eyeliner-clad rock legend.

No Doubt

While more than a few bands have performed for a stuffy Upper East Side crowd on Gossip Girl, No Doubt's appearance was markedly different. Fans see Lily van der Woodsen back in her '80s heyday as she watched No Doubt perform an Adam & The Ants cover song, "Stand And Deliver."


Honestly, it's still amazing that New Girl got the one and only Prince to make an appearance on the show in 2014. As it turns out, Prince was a huge fan. The episode marked his first-ever role in a television sitcom, and he even had a hand in its design. According to creator Liz Meriwether, Prince wanted the party in the episode to imitate his real-life parties as closely as possible. Additionally, Meriwether revealed he picked Zooey Deschanel's wardrobe, the paintings on the wall and the hairstyles, among other things.

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy have performed twice as a band on One Tree Hill, which led to Pete Wentz becoming quite essential to the plotline for a few episodes. There's even an episode named "I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me," which is very on-brand for the band.

David Bowie

While David Bowie has made a cameo on Twin Peaks, his role in a 2006 episode of Extras is truly one to never forget. Andy Millman attempts to grapple with his failed sitcom and confides in none other than Bowie about the situation. To make matters worse, Bowie wrote a song about the situation, referencing Millman as the "little fat man who sold his soul."


Korn made a brief cameo on Monk in a pretty hilarious way in 2005. While Monk is putting the pieces together about a murder in a traffic jam, he needs to find a bathroom. He ends up at Korn's tour bus and has an eye-opening revelation, all thanks to the bathroom break.

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