Alternative beauty YouTube tutorials are downright addicting to us. We love spending hours scrolling through videos, getting inspiration for new looks and even trying to follow tutorials. 

Currently, with the ongoing protests against police brutality and racism, many people are trying to uplift Black voices and support Black people in their various endeavors, including art and fashion. 

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Because of that, we decided to find 10 Black YouTubers who are bringing alternative beauty to the next level. You should subscribe to all of them and check out their videos when you need some fashion inspiration. Check those out below. 

Sarah Alyssa

Sarah Alyssa posts some amazing alternative tutorials, from butterfly eyeshadow to goth-glam transformations. She definitely takes on the e-girl aesthetic with stride, and her videos show off her talent with makeup brushes. 


This YouTube channel is definitely made for goths, featuring makeup looks inspired by bats and gargoyles. They also post wig tutorials so you can recreate the entire dark fantasy at home. Run by Michelle Oblitey, Glam Goth is also the name of the YouTuber’s vegan, cruelty-free makeup line.

Evensya Xo

This channel features everything for a beauty lover—wig tutorials, glam makeup looks and even some special effects makeup. So needless to say if you’re makeup-obsessed, you can spend hours binge-watching these videos from Evensya to transform into Pennywise and more.

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Angel Nightmare

This channel has a little bit of everything, but the makeup looks are full of tips and inspiration. YouTuber Angel Nightmare gets creative when they do makeup videos, which tend to be androgynous looks that incorporate creepy elements, which we can’t get enough of. 

Baby Glow

This is another great all-encompassing beauty channel that makes videos about tons of topics involving makeup, self-care and haircare. The videos are easy to follow while still being entertaining, and you can incorporate many of the looks into your regular rotation. 

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Dolly Momoiro

This channel is for the pastel-loving anime goths who aren’t afraid of wigs, accessories and a lot of color. The best part about Dolly Momoiro’s channel is that a look is never complete without the full accessories and clothes, so each video is a joy to watch because of all that’s going on. 

Betty’s World

This YouTuber should be cast in Euphoria because their makeup looks are always on point and over the top, much like the characters in the show. If you like fake freckles, too much blush, neon eyeshadow and glitter tears, this is the channel for you. They even did a series where they dressed up like Bratz dolls, makeup and all, that you absolutely need to see ASAP. 

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Kadienne Henry

If you’re feeling uninspired, we dare you to scroll through the videos on this channel. You’ll probably end up wanting to break out all of the makeup you own. Kadienne Henry does everything—special effects makeup, Halloween looks and every colorful eyeshadow look you can imagine. 

Birgitta Denver

This channel is perfect if you’re into the e-girl aesthetic and want some inspiration for fashion and makeup ideas that you can do at home. Birgitta Denver’s makeup looks are approachable while still being extremely creative, so definitely make sure to subscribe. 

Hello, Shelay

This channel is full of fun videos in the fashion and beauty world that expand way beyond tutorials. Aside from makeup and clothes, Shelay posts videos about piercings, wigs, hair dye and much more.